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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pence has a road

map for Indiana

To the Editor:

Mike Pence has a real plan for our state. In his road map for Indiana he details six attainable goals, giving Hoosiers the mile markers needed to measure his administration's success.

Placing private sector employment at the top of his priorities, Mike Pence stands for a 10% cut in personal income taxes and has called for a hold on new business regulations until existing regulations can be assessed.

Mike Pence wants Hoosier young adults to get a strong start in life. By supporting dual credit programs and prioritizing career, technical, and vocational education, the Pence Administration will work to see that every high school senior is prepared for college or a career.

Pence understands the challenges we face as a state and he knows that our best solutions are born here in Indiana. That's why he's willing to resist the federal government's costly interference in health care. Mike Pence is determined to preserve our freedoms and to achieve Hoosier-led health-care reform.

The straight-forward leadership comes as no surprise. Mike Pence is well known as one of the hardest working representatives on Capital Hill. In fact, he has a 95% lifetime voting record.

We need Mike Pence as our next governor.

Pam Yoho


Sparks will represent all Hoosiers

To the Editor:

Voters in District 62 have the choice of replacing Rep. Ubelhor, an opponent of public education, teachers, and hard-working Hoosiers with Jeff Sparks, a man who understands the value of public education as the mainstay of democracy.

Jeff is an educator with 33 years of experience in the classroom and administration. He is opposed to the agenda of the right to privatize your schools for the benefit of for-profit school takeover groups, which have no caps to their profits taken from the public treasury. He knows that you know YOUR schools are not failing. He knows that vouchers bleed money from your schools to go to private, mainly religious-based schools.

Vote for a representative who truly values the workers, your public schools, a government that keeps an eye on legislation and rules which benefit ALL of us, not the privileged elite.

Mike Walsh


Thanks for giving us a real choice

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Jeff Sparks, District 62 State Representative candidate for giving our family a better alternative when we head out to the polls in November.

As a union family, we are grateful that we have someone that is willing to represent us and stand up for our livelihood. Not having heard of Jeff Sparks until the Greene County Daily World posted an article on Feb. 22 that Jeff was running for state representative, I was pleased with what I read in the article and contacted him the next day.

In the months prior, our family has had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff Sparks and what he stands for and his reasonings for running for state representative. I would urge that people get to know the candidates, where they stand on issues that affect our district and make an informed decisions when heading to the polls in November.

Terri Neighbors


Thanks for helping with breakfast

To the Editor:

The Shakamak Band Boosters would like to thank J'Lin Catering of Jasonville for their recent donation of food for the 2012 Shakamak Homecoming Pancake Breakfast.

We would also like to thank all of the parents and band students for all of their time and hard work.

Jay Criss

Shakamak Band Boosters president