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Letters to the Editor

Friday, October 12, 2012

Campaign signs don't tell the story.

To the Editor:

Don't be duped in to believing a bunch of big campaign signs somehow changes the person whose names on those signs. Nothing has changed since we stood with our local teachers at the Greene County Court House to call Matt Ubehlor out on his "yea" vote for Charter Schools. Ubehlor is still the same individual who voted for school vouchers (HB1002) at the peril of our public school system. Charter schools choose who they accept causing those who are turned away to return to public schools or other charter schools. Pay attention here folks! School vouchers, in most cases, will pay the tuitions of the children of the most affluent among us. It seems tax-payer money given to the affluent is subsidies, while tax-payer money given to the needy is entitlements. Isn't that an interesting concept?

Mr. Ubehlor also voted for a Right to Work Law that divided Hoosiers right to the core, and then supported not allowing Hoosiers to decide the issue once and for all at the ballot box. Richard Vedder, the Ohio University professor who conducted the Indiana Chamber of Commerce study in support of the law, said, and I quote, "Obviously, the model was far from perfect" conceding "No doubt there are some admitted error and bias problems." This was Information never published in the report or included in the Chamber's communications with legislators (http://www.epi.org/publication/pm174/ ). Indiana is ranked number 41 in per capita income of the 50 states (http://bber.unm.edu/econ/us-pci.htm ). Shouldn't we be supporting real living-wage jobs for Hoosiers? No one should be anti-success; but everyone should be anti-do-whatever-it-takes at any cost to achieve success (total deregulation), because that ideology spawns greed and greed only serves the greedy. It's time to correct our obvious mistake! It's time to send Matt Ubehlor back to being a full-time Operations Manager for Peabody Coal, and out of the legislature where he has proven to be rubber stamp for Indianapolis politics.

Jeff Sparks is a candidate who has been both an educator and administrator. Jeff has helped enact budgets and worked within budgets. He cares about our kids, our educators, and the system that is in place to provide for their futures. Jeff Sparks believes there should be no laws passed that threaten our children's dreams or that adversely affects their ability to earn a living right here in Indiana after completing their education.

Tim Latimer


Linton Public Library thankful for donations

To the Editor:

The Linton Public Library would like to thank all of the people, businesses, and organizations who made donations to the library's 2012 summer reading program. Last summer's program was a huge success thanks to the many generous donations we received. The library would also like to thank the many volunteers who helped with decorations, programs, and more. Thank you for supporting the Linton Public Library!

American Legion Post 22


Bill Haseman, Realtor

Bloomfield State Bank

Charlotte's Unique Boutique

China Sea

Cohen Eye

Crane Federal Credit Union

Daily Dish Cafe

Wellness First Chiropractic

Linton Veterinary Clinic

Family Eye Care

Francis' Jewel Box

Greene County General Hospital

Hair Scripts


Jiffy Treet

Joan Bethell

Knights of Columbus


Mercury Cleaners

Monical's Pizza

Ridge Medical Center

Rhonda Deckard, CPA

Rowe Law Firm

Sarah Busenburg, Paparazzi Accessories

Shawnee Theatre of Greene County

Somewhere in Thyme

Theodora Harmon, Tax Preparation

Tri Kappa, Gamma Tau Chapter

Women of the Moose

Big Splash & Adventure

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Indiana Ice

Indiana Fever

Indiana State Fair

Indianapolis Indians

Marengo Cave

Mesker Park Zoo

Oliver Winery


Terre Haute Children's Museum


Thank you,

Jamie Tyner

Linton Public Library Director