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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ritz understands

our education system

To the Editor:

Dr. Tony Bennett, the state school superintendent whose party touts a reputation of less government, has spent a great deal of time during his term in office consolidating control of local schools.

Never before has the business of education been so politicized. Do the citizens of Greene County and beyond truly feel our children's best interest is served more effectively by politicians whose primary goal is to get re-elected or to defeat an opposing candidate or party?

Fortunately, there is another option! Parents, school patrons, and those concerned about the future of our small, rural schools are urged to vote for Glenda Ritz, a professional educator who is committed to a pro-active public education agenda.

As Superintendent of Education (can't call it Public Instruction anymore since Dr. Bennett is also the head of the state's growing charter school populations), Ritz will bring needed voices back to our communities. Your vote will give more time to education and less to testing. Our students are more than test scores!

Eliminating expensive, repetitive testing will remove the high-stress, high-risk atmosphere currently plaguing Indiana's schools. It will also return the breadth of curriculum that helps educate the whole person.

Your vote will give more control to local districts to implement state and federal standards because the best ideas happen when parents, teachers, and students work together. Ritz will make teacher licensing and evaluation tops in the nation; letting unqualified people teach is bad for Indiana's children. Ritz believes it takes more that passing a test to prepare a teacher for the rigors of the classroom!

She also believes schools must prepare all students, not just the college bound. Removing the barriers to quality vocational education will help achieve this goal.

Glenda Ritz needs all of our support against the private and corporate power that has pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-elect Dr. Bennett. Most of this money has come from out-of-state donors who definitely do not care what happens to our children. Take back the educational system from those who wish to use it for political attack and power-mongering. Vote for Glenda Ritz!

Matt McCammon


Learn more about health care act

Letter to Editor:

It worries me that there is more misinformation about the Affordable Health Care Act which was approved by the Supreme Court last June, than correct information.

Both the American Medical Association and the AARP support this new healthcare reform bill. Much of it is focused on insurance company abuse. It prevents insurance companies from putting a cap on the amount of lifetime care, eliminates being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, requires insurance companies that spend too much money on CEO bonuses to give rebates back to their customers and ends their right to jack up rates without justification.

It also creates state-based marketplaces, where people can easily compare and shop for insurance. These are just some of the benefits.

There is an easy to understand animation about it at healthreform.kff.org/the-animation.aspx or request information at your local library.

It's unfortunate that it has been referred to as Obamacare and consequently used as a political football. Republican voters may assume they are against this because Obama's name is attached. Vote for political candidates that support the Affordable Health Care Act. The future of you and your family's health may depend on it.

Joanne Shank