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Monday, November 19, 2012

Who needs coal?

To the Editor:

A textbook story in Economy 101.

See the tracks? See the train speeding along, carrying the goodies that give us, The Good Life. Let's examine this picture closely. The cargo can only be delivered to it's destination by a strong engine.

This engine is the Economy. This engine is powered by steam. The steam is the industrial production. Industry is the water that is converted to steam to power the engine. Water is converted by heat. Heat is money that is invested in industry. Heat comes from a bed of burning coal. Coal is the rich man's money.

The engineer is a slap happy idiot. Likes to make noise and blow off steam. Now, he proposes to take away some of the coal. This is called "taxes." This is the coal that finances the industry that makes production, which is the water converted into steam. This steam is what powers the engine "economy." With less coal, there's a smaller fire. It now takes longer to convert the water into steam, consequently, the engine moves slower. The engineer will blow the whistle and blow off steam. Then he takes away more coal, less coal, smaller fire, less steam, slower engine. Again, the engineer blows the whistle and blows off steam. He takes away more coal. The fire goes out. Cold water does not convert to steam. Without the steam for power the engine dies, and stands still. The cargo is not delivered. The standard of living goes down, down, down.

Remember, the coal is the rich man's money. The fire is that money invested in industry. The industry is the water converted into steam. This steam powers the engine (economy).

No money, no investment, no industry, no power, no economy. Socialism at work. Socialism has never worked anywhere they tried it. Look at the European countries that tried it. It won't work in America.

Tank you for listening.

Robert M. Weyer


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To the Editor:

We would like to thank everyone for the prayers, flowers, food, calls, cards and acts of kindness during the passing of my daughter and our sister, Sharon Flynn Sheffield.

Jim Flynn Sr.

Jim Flynn Jr. and family

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