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Bloomfield seeks teacher grants again

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bloomfield School District Board of School Trustees learned Tuesday at their regular meeting the school would be applying for the Excellence in Performance Awards for Teachers grant again.

In April, Bloomfield School District was one of 28 schools in the state to receive the grant from the Indiana Department of Education.

The first time award, based on the number of teachers in the district, totaled $76,231 for Bloomfield, an average of approximately $1,300 per teacher.

The grant allows eligible schools to provide cash stipends for teachers rated "effective" or "highly effective" based on the school's performance evaluation system.

Superintendent Dan Sichting said he will be writing the grant again this year.

"I don't expect as much money per teacher next year because more schools will have adopted the performance based evaluation programs," Sichting noted to the board.

He said while there may be more schools eligible to apply for the grant next year, he believes the school's performance will allow them to have a viable chance again.

Sichting said the school's attempt at applying for the Indiana Department of Education Innovative planning grant was unsuccessful.

"They won't release the rubric scores until mid-December, so we don't know the scoring. We can't tell you yet why our grant didn't score higher," Sichting said.

Sichting said the school applied for the grant in hopes of working towards professional development of one-on-one computing initiatives.

He had recently attended a conference regarding the upcoming PARK regulations, and learned of a sample question.

"We were given a sample of a utility bill of a lady who invested in insulation," Sichting said, noting the students had to research and compare previous bills to decide if the investment was worthwhile.

Bloomfield School District students will see a change in the list of media outlets with information about school closings or delays.

"WRTV, channel 6, is not on the list. That is one of the cable stations many families watch," Sichting said.

The following media outlets will provide emergency school closings or delays: WTWO Channel 2; WTHI Channel 10; WTHR Channel 13; Fox 59 Indianapolis/WTTV Channel 4; WWBL 106.5 FM; WFIU 103.7 FM; WTIU Channel 5; Hi 99 Radio 99.9 FM; Herald Times; and Greene County Daily World.

The school received a total of $29,845 in reimbursement for summer school programs. Sichting said the category one programs-- which include English/Language Arts, math and graduation requirements -- received a 105 percent reimbursement from the Department of Education, and category three classes received a 100 percent reimbursement.

Bloomfield School District carried over $27,573 in Title I budget funds for the 2012 cycle into the 2013 cycle. Sichting noted this carry-over was due to the prediction the staff would take the family health insurance plan.

"If they elect not to, that is the reason for the carry-over," Sichting noted.

In other business, the school board voted to:

* Approve the transfer of appropriations to cover any negative balances for the end of the budget cycle.

* Approve the lease of a Digital Imager for the Bloomfield Elementary School at the rate of $119.88 per month for 48 months.

* Award bus route No. 8 to Charles Bennett in the amount of $194.74 per day for the 33.6 mile route.

* Authorize the payment of $390,189.97 to Bunger Robertson Trust account for the purchase of the 120 acres of land in Taylor Township.

* Approve the hire of Nicole Peter as a long-term substitute teacher at Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School on an emergency permit in business education. She will be completing her student teaching at Bloomfield next year to obtain her transition to teaching.

* Approve the resignations of Stephanie Arthur as the elementary math bowl sponsor and Theresa Baker as the elementary science bowl sponsor.

* Approve the appointments of Theresa Baker as elementary math bowl sponsor; Joanna Fisher as elementary science bowl sponsor; and Angie Campbell as a volunteer junior high girls' basketball coach.

* Approve the hire of Constance Riggins as a temporary Title I instruction assistant at Bloomfield Elementary School.

* Approve an overnight and out-of-state field trip for the NJROTC to Upper Marlboro, Md. Feb. 14 to 20.

* Approve the overnight and out-of-state field trip for the National Honor Society trip to Lombard, Ill. Feb. 15 to 17.

* Approve the overnight and out-of-state field trip for the vocal and instrumental groups to Festival Disney April 9 to 14.

* Approve five Bloomfield Elementary School non-resident applications. Two of the applications were from new students. The other three were current students who had moved out of the district.

* Approve a donation of $50 to the Bloomfield Junior/Senior High School marching band from the Apple Festival committee.

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