Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Monday, December 10, 2012

To the Editor:

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. Why? What was black about it? Perhaps it represents the black ink denoting "Profit" in the ledgers.

The strength of the economy is measured by the success of the spending season, also known as the "Holiday Season." Many retailer's survival depends on a successful holiday season.

When people spend their money, the economy is strong. This means that they have faith in their jobs and know they will have the money to pay their bills after the holidays. When people spend their own money, the country prospers.

When Government spends the people's money, that leaves less for private spending. The only way the government can spend the people's money is by taking it through taxation. More private spending, more prosperity. The more government spends, the less prosperity.

This is evidenced in the price of gasoline. It's not greed of the oil industry alone, but coupled with high taxes, the cost of gasoline becomes obscene. When taxes rise, so do prices. This is reality. When the producer's costs rise, they pass this rise on to the consumer. The consumer pays taxes twice, his own and the producer's taxes.

The people that run our country call themselves "progressives," when in fact their policies are just the opposite. Progress is expansion, their policies produce shrinkage. More public spending means less money for private spending. Which do you prefer? Would you rather spend your money or are you satisfied to let the politicians spend your money?

When you spend your money, you benefit. When the politician spends your money, the special interests reap the benefit. Which pleases you more? When you overspend, you suffer. When government overspends, you suffer. The consumer is taxed twice. You, my friend, are the consumer. Is this what 51% of you voted for?

Contact your politicians and tell them "Read my lips, no new taxes!" Enough is enough. Maybe if we hold the line on taxes, the people can spend us out of our economic mess that the politicians spending forced upon us.

Thanks for listening.

Robert M. Weyer