Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thank you for

supporting food pantry

To the Editor:

In today's society young people are not often recognized for the good they do.

In November the Bloomfield Elementary and Jr-Sr High School, along with Troop 464 Boy Scouts and Bright Beginnings Preschool students donated over 1,831 pounds of food to the First Baptist Church Bloomfield Community Food Pantry. Over 913 households within designated zip code areas have been served since January 2012 and of these members, 1,027 were children 17 years and younger.

God has blessed the pantry with many donations and continues to fill the shelves when they get low. Also during the month of November the First Baptist Church brought over 300 pounds of donated items and food.

Others who have given so generously and timely are the First Christian Church, Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Faith Christian Church, First Baptist Church, Holy Name Catholic Church, Kentucky Ridge Church, Women of Faith Christian Church, Theta Gamma Alumni Association, Small Cattle Farms, Happy Workers Home Economics Club, FHFH, Jim Martindale, Cheryl Davis, Main Source Bank, Furnace Extension Home Makers, Richland Township Trustee's Office, Greene County Board of Realtors, Classic Crusiers, Debra Hoesman, Sophie Weathers-Haywood, Polly Gettinger, Sandra May, Marilyn Crays, Beth Burcham, Linda and Doyle Haywood, Roger Axe, Owen and Sally Batterton, Carla Howell of QT's Custom Active Wear, Tonya Hudson, Randy Flanigan and countless other individuals and organizations who gave anonymously.

Words cannot express the gratitude the food pantry committee members feel for the generosity of the community. May God bless you as you have blessed countless individuals through the food pantry. As Jesus said to Peter "Feed my sheep" so are you following His commandment.

Sharon Terrell