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No more snow in near future; overnight wind chills reaching zero

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jesse Walker, chief meteorologist for WTWO-TV in Terre Haute, said wind chill temperatures will be near the zero mark for the next couple days, but snow is out of the picture for a while.

"It looks calm for several days. There may be some flurries on Thursday and Saturday with the cold front pushing through. There will be limited moisture, with snow flurries at best," Walker said.

The low Tuesday night was expected to be around 10 degrees, but the wind chill will show an even steeper dip.

"We are looking at wind chills the next couple nights flirting with the zero mark," Walker said.

He added by the end of the week the snow should start melting, and temperatures at the first of next week are expected to be in the low 40 degrees.

Walker noted Greene County saw more snow accumulation in a nine-day period this winter than all of last winter combined.

From Dec. 20 to 29, areas in Greene County saw an accumulation of 14 inches of snow, while last winter had a total accumulation of less than 10 inches.

The Greene County Highway Department worked through the holidays to get roadways completely cleared for two-lane traffic.

Highway Superintendent Brent Murray said after another round of snowfall the roads may be slick, but the snow should be cleared for safe traveling.

"It's going a lot better than the last time. ... There have been no more breakdowns and trucks in ditches," Murray said, noting there were issues after the blizzard struck last week.

When parts of the county received up to a foot of snow last Wednesday after the blizzard hit, two of the county's trucks had electrical issues and one truck slid into a ditch while trying to clear the roads.

He added, "We are getting them (county roads) plowed out now, and widening them up."

Although the process is slow moving, he noted, the highway department employees are working long hours to be sure the roads are safe.

"The guys have put a lot of hours in. It's been slow moving, but we are moving as fast as we can. They won't get much of a holiday, but I guess this is payback for having such an easy winter last year," Murray said, with a laugh.

He added some of the secondary roads still need work done, as well as some oversized snow drifts.

"There are some spots in the southern and southeastern part of the county that still have drifts bigger than our graders can handle," Murray explained.

He advised all motorists to drive primary routes until the snow is cleared or melted completely.

"It's still going to be a couple days to get everything back to normal," Murray noted.

The highway superintendent said due to the mild winter last year and extra allotted money from the Greene County Council, that has put the highway department in good shape with the amount of salt and sand for the roads.

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