L-S School Board approves money-saving contract

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Linton-Stockton School Corporation Board of Trustees voted to move forward on the second and third phases of the Guaranteed Savings Contract.

Engineering firm Emcor is scheduled to begin construction on the elementary school in May to refit the roofs on the elementary school. The approval of the letters of intent for project two will save the school roughly $200,000 to update the HVAC system and ventilation units in the elementary simultaneously.

The proposition allows the school to withdraw from the contract during a certain timeline with the only penalty being that of engineering fees.

If the school were to withdraw from project two by March 1, there would be an obligation of $115,000 in engineering fees. If the school were to cancel the contract by May 15, there would be a $775,000 obligation. If the school does not cancel the project, they will have to pay the $1.93 million by Oct. 15.

There was a slight change to project three, which adds the installation of lights in the multi-purpose room to the renovation of the lights and ceilings in the elementary school as well as the middle school.

The original price of the project was $1,015,541, but the inclusion of the multi-purpose room will be another $35,757.

The school would have until June 15 to change the contract for project three with a penalty of $15,000 in engineering fees. A secondary cancellation date is set for $256,000 in engineering fees. The final payment will be due Jan. 15, 2014.

School board member Les Newman questioned what circumstances would cause the school to need to pull out of the project contracts.

Qualkinbush said it was improbable for the school to need to pull back from the contract, but scenarios could include unsuspected costs among other projects. One example being the soil at the Middle School Expansion project not being able to withstand the building of a new structure.

Another example would be if the 2013 bids for the Middle School project were to come in much higher than the 2012 bids.

Board member Rodney Bredeweg thanked Emcor and Qualkinbush for their efforts to save the school money on the projects that were in need of completion.

Representatives from the elementary, middle school and high school social studies departments made a presentation to the school board to update on the progress they are making in the classroom.

Fourth grade history teacher Crystal Woods said her class focuses on Indiana History, including the civics, government, geography and economics of the state.

Woods said her class uses the "Old Hoosier" series, which tells stories of Indiana's past. She added the use of the audio helps to tune the students' listening skills.

The curriculum starts with the Native Americans, works through Indiana becoming a state, the Civil War and the progress Indiana has made to this date.

Eighth grade American History teacher Gene Hall said his class focuses on the time frame from the French and Indian War to the Civil War.

He informed the board Brady Evans, an Indiana University student, is student teaching in his class, as well as high school government and economics teacher Brad McKinney's class.

Hall said along with the regular curriculum, he focuses on teaching students about political parties and their differences. He also teaches about loans and the stock market.

McKinney said he and high school World History teacher Ford Bond have plans to expand the history curriculum.

He added currently there are three advanced placement courses in History, Micro Economics and Government. Several students had the opportunity to earn college credits through those courses, which McKinney was very proud to announce.

He added the school will also be trying to restart the Peabody US History Club within the next couple years.

In other business, the board voted to approve the purchase of weight room equipment with funds from an anonymous donor.

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