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BSD students use biorhythms to determine best Super Bowl quarterback

Friday, February 1, 2013

(By Sabrina Westfall) Bloomfield School District pre-calculus student Kyle Robinson explained the physical curve using biorhythms determined San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick would be on a downward trend on the day of the Super Bowl. [Order this photo]
Lori Burch's pre-calculus class at Bloomfield Junior-Senior High School used biorhythms to determine which quarterback would have a better game at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

According to the presentation, biorhythms predict a human's energy through a math equation.

Based on the data presented, the class came to the conclusion Baltimore Raven's quarterback Joe Flacco will have a better game than San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Burch said the students worked in groups to find the answers through Project Based Learning.

They invited members of the staff, people from the community and students to judge the presentations.

Junior-Senior high school principal David Dean, assistant principal Stella Royal, former sports reporter Rick Hudson, MAPP Coach Jennifer Lee, STEM Coordinator from Crane Brandy Frady and Diane Rodriquez's seventh grade pre-algebra class.

"I think they did pretty good considering this was just their introduction to it. We are going to beef up the lesson starting next week," Burch said.

Pre-calculus student Tristan Burris said the project was more difficult than expected, and required a lot of research to gather the information needed to calculate their physical, emotional and intellectual predictions for the day of the game.

"It was different, and something that could be used for everyday life," Burris said.

Based on the age of the players and the number of games played, the students determined physically Kaepernick was in better shape but he was on a downward trend.

The information used the players' ages, Flacco at 10,097 days old at the day of the game and Kaepernick 9,224 days old, to determine where they were trending.

Emotionally, Flacco was projected to have a negative trend on that day, and not be able to handle any incidents on the field which would throw off his game.

Flacco was determined to be on a downward intellectually, but Kaepernick is determined to be a "switch day" that day.

The students said due to the information they compiled, Flacco would be better able to react quickly when passing the football and process information from the coach.

The Project Based Learning has replaced the traditional classroom, allowing students to use real life scenarios to create projects to better understand what they are learning.

Project Based Learning is the pre-requisite of the Problem Based Learning, which will consist of long term projects covering several topics.

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