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Updated: Linton-Stockton schools lift lockdown for Tuesday

Monday, February 4, 2013

Linton-Stockton Schools were in lockdown on Monday but students were expected to return to their normal schedule on Tuesday.

L-S Superintendent Nick Karazsia issued a press release Monday evening announcing the lockdown would be lifted for Tuesday.

According to information released Sunday evening when the lockdown was initiated, Linton-Stockton Elementary Principal Kent Brewer had received a possible threat to the students.

School officials decided to go into lockdown mode for the school day Monday as a precaution, but Karazsia said a reassessment on Monday showed the threat level had decreased.

"We have had ongoing discussions with the Linton Police Department," said Karazsia. "We feel the initial threat that led us to have a lockdown today (Monday) has diminished. This is the main reason why we will be back to our normal daily procedures tomorrow (Tuesday).

"However, I would like to emphasize that we do not want to overlook anything, so this investigation remains open.

"Once we feel that we have exhausted all avenues, we will release more specific information about this incident."

Karazsia stressed in the press release that no specific names, time or other information was given in the threat. The nature of the threat was not released due to the incident being under investigation.

Early Monday, Karazsia said he expected to send out another "School Reach" call at the end of the day.

"We are constantly assessing the situations," he said adding that school administrators and the Linton Police Department team on the campus Monday, led by Linton Police Officer Karl Jacobshagen, did a total assessment to decide if there is need for the school to continue the lockdown.

Karazsia stressed it is difficult to give information to parents without causing issues with an ongoing investigation.

"There is a fine line between releasing too much information and releasing enough information," said Karazsia.

"If we release too much information it can ruin our investigation up to this point.

"At the same time, we want to let parents know what is going on."

He explained if details are released regarding the type of threat, it could not only escalate the original threat, but possibly create a copy-cat situation.

"I'm a parent, and our children attended here, and I know it's really stressful to hear from a superintendent that there may be some threat to your children. If we seriously felt that it was something that we thought would harm our students, we wouldn't be in school right now," Karazsia said on Monday.

He added he was very proud of how efficiently the classes continued to run despite being in lockdown mode, and is especially thankful for the willingness of the Linton Police Department to work with the school during these difficult situations.

"Everything has been going very well. I'm really pleased with how everyone is handling this today," Karazsia said Monday.

Karazsia said he has asked the building administrators for attendance information, but did not have the numbers at the time he spoke with the Greene County Daily World.

"I noticed as I was walking through the schools (Monday) it looked like the attendance was down, which I anticipated," Karazsia said.

Karazsia stressed if any parents have questions or concerns, they are encouraged to call him at the administration office, at 847-6020, or email him at nkarazsia@lssc.k12.in.us .

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