Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rose family appreciates recent support

To the Editor:

The spaghetti dinner to benefit Rodney Rose at Breckenridge Commons in Sullivan on Feb. 22 was truly a success, and will greatly assist Rodney in traveling to Denver, Colo., to see a lung specialist in a couple of weeks.

Our family is very thankful to all of those who came to support Rodney, as well as those who donated items to the silent auction. The Linton businesses and individuals who donated to the benefit included: Charlotte's Unique Boutique, Main Street Gifts, Linton Sporting Goods, Hoosier Hit, Lori Wade-Prim & Posh, Spark, Elaine Wile-Longaberger Consultant, Kristen Goodman-Mary Kay Consultant, Christine Riggleman-Tastefully Simple Consultant, Kellie Riggleman-Homemade Fudge, Anonymous Friend-Vera Bradley Items, and Save-A-Lot Food.

Your generosity is a great example of how God has blessed our family with wonderful friends and how small, local businesses can make a big impact on people in our community!

Thank you all so much again!

Jessica McKee

Rodney Rose Family


Thanks for making fundraiser a success

To the Editor:

Last Saturday evening there was a lasagna dinner fundraiser for the Linton Swimming Pool. The turnout was wonderful and there was over $4,000 raised.

We want to thank everyone who bought tickets. We live in such a caring community that it was almost a guaranteed success. There were many who pulled together to complete this event.

I would like to say a huge thank you now to the following for their donations and the hard work they provided to complete this fundraiser. Thank you to all of you who purchased tickets. You made a difference for the pool!

Thank you to Linda Conklin and Jane Turpen, who organized the fundraiser for the Linton First United Methodist Church. Those who made it possible include the Linton-Stockton Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, city employees, Monical's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Villa, Goosepond Pizza, Mike Smith Printing, Lamar Imaging, Baesler's, Saron Church-Carol Walker, Christian Church-Warren and Susan Shake, St. Peters Church, Methodist Church, Methodist Homebuilders SS Class, Psi Iota Xi, Nick Karazsia, Dusty O'Brien, McDonald's, Marcella McDonald, Tribe softball girls, Dee Woodruff, Teresa Carpenter, Park Inn Motel, Linton Family Pharmacy, pool board, Barb Gennicks, Kevin Fischer DDS, Triad Engineering, First Group Engineering, American Legion Post 22 Auxiliary Unit, Terry and Nancy Mullis-donation in memory of Evelyn Mullis, Tim and Joan Warrick-donation, Maria Miller-donation, Bill and Cheryl Wells-donation, Beth Singleton-donation, Kathy Walters-donation, and Jim and Jewelledean Haseman-donation.

Workers were Saron Youth, Methodist Youth, St. Louis Youth, Tom and Kathy Fisher, Sheila McCammon, Martha Butler, Loren Hadley, Luann Floyd, Marsha Brown, Becky Yung, Dee Woodruff, Debbie Clifford, Gloria Hardesty, Mary Lou, Jonah and Eddy Fish, Kay and Ralph Witty, Cindy McCammon, Joe Turpin, Jim Conklin, Mike Roth, David and Judy Atkins, Doug and Bev Fish, Marcella McDonald, Becky Kramer, Jennifer McKinnon, Susie Brinson, and Beth Gillan.

Linton First United Methodist Church

Jane Turpen


Linda Conklin