Bowersock accused of stabbing man several times

Monday, July 1, 2013
Joe W. Bowersock

Joe W. Bowersock, 49, of Linton, is accused of stabbing another man with a knife during a fight, not once but several times.

The victim was treated for stab wounds at Greene County General Hospital -- he was stabbed once in the chest, once on the left upper torso, once in the left leg and once in the right thigh and hip area.

Bowersock has been the suspect in an ongoing investigation by Greene County Sheriff's Det. James O'Malley since the incident occurred on Tuesday, June 12 outside Bowersock's residence located at 1929 N. County Road 1175W.

A total of seven people were allegedly there when the fight took place: Bowersock and two friends, Michael S. Bowers and Russell L. Byers, Jr., and the victim, Tarry Weddle, who accompanied Jamie Davidson to Bowersock's residence along with Davidson's sister, Jeannie Delph, and Delph's boyfriend, Carl Burdette.

Bowersock was positively identified, from photo lineups, by Weddle, Davidson, Delph and Burdette as the person who stabled Weddle.

O'Malley interviewed Bowersock as well as Weddle and the other three people who traveled to Bowersock's residence that evening. There are two sides to the story.

There had been an earlier disagreement between Bowersock and a man who was Davidson and Delph's brother. Bowersock told the detective the man had threatened him. Then when Davidson and Bowersock were both at a liquor store in Linton at the same time early in the evening of June 12, there was some type of exchange -- Bowersock said he tried to talk to Davidson but she wouldn't listen, Davidson said she was yelled at and threatened.

Later in the evening, Davidson drove to Bowersock's residence, with Weddle, Delph and Burdette. She said they went there to speak to Bowersock and inform him they were not involved with the trouble between Bowersock and her brother.

Bowersock said he was drinking beer with his friends when the four individuals arrived around 9 p.m. He thought it might be the man who had threatened him so he went to the door with a loaded .22 caliber rifle, then left it at the door when he saw the man was not in the vehicle.

Bowersock went out to meet them on the driveway. Davidson exited the vehicle. He said she slapped him. She said he slapped her.

Weddle then exited the vehicle. Bowersock said Weddle attacked him. Weddle said Bowersock punched him twice and they went to the ground. The fight was on.

Bowersock allegedly admitted to the detective that he took his knife from his pocket, opened it and stabled Weddle during the fight.

In addition to being stabbed with the knife, Weddle and the three who were with him allege that Bowersock's two friends got involved and were kicking Weddle while he was on the ground, and one of them struck Weddle in the head with the butt of the rifle several times until it broke.

However, Weddle and the three on his side of the fight could not positively identify the other two men who were allegedly involved.

Bowersock allegedly told the detective that he did not know how the gun got to the driveway from the porch where he left it, and he did not know how the rifle got broken.

All four visitors were outside their vehicle at some point during the altercation and other allegations were made about the rifle being pointed at a couple of people, about someone else wielding another knife, and about someone else being hit with the rifle butt.

No other charges have been filed as of late Monday.

The four visitors reported they got back in the vehicle and drove Weddle straight to the emergency room because he was bleeding profusely.

Weddle has since been released from the hospital.

Based on Det. O'Malley's investigation, the Greene County Prosecutor's Office filed a criminal case against Bowersock in Greene Circuit Court on Friday, June 28, and Judge Erik Allen issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Bowersock.

Bowersock was taken into custody later the same day and booked into the Greene County Jail by Det. O'Malley.

When Bowersock appears in court for an initial hearing, he will be charged with battery with a deadly weapon, a class C felony.

Bowersock is being held on a $15,000 bond with no 10 percent cash allowed.