Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Monday, September 30, 2013

Linton Miner Baseball Alumni Weekend A Huge Success

To the Editor:

On Saturday, September 28th the former Miner diamond greats took the field at the F.O.P. softball complex for the 10th annual Linton Miner Baseball Alumni game.

The 21st and 32nd inductions went into the Miner Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday in Dane Perigo and Eric Goggins. A plaque hangs on the wall by the high school gym with all the hall of famers listed on it.

Special thank-yous go out to Mr. David Evans from Baesler's for your generous donation to our event and Mr. Derek McKee for your world famous barbecue sandwiches, and to all past players for showing up and participating in the hall of fame game... it is still an honor to be your coach.

Bart Berns

Linton Miner Baseball Head Coach

1991 - 2010

Suggestions for your stop at the tracks in Switz City

To the editor,

If you've lived around here any time at all you're familiar with the "You'll Like Linton" signs that are at each entrance of the town. I understand that money is being raised now to modernize those signs and make the old ones more presentable. Seems like a good idea to me but I was thinking that there's another town in our fair county that could use some signs similar to ones like those. Switz City is the villa I had in mind but the signs would have to read something like this: "We Hope You Like Switz City Cause If There's a Train, You're Gonna Be Here a While".

It's not that I dislike the town or it's people. It's those wonderful trains I'm sure with which you're all familiar. If they were just passing trains it wouldn't be such an issue. Or maybe if it was the year 1820 it wouldn't be such an issue. But the sitting and waiting and waiting and sitting and pulling forward and backing up and, well, I think you get the idea.

So anyway, I was thinking, rather than getting more and more frustrated, I would try to come up with some ideas to at least be prepared for the long (and I DO mean long) waits that we all encounter with the trains in Switz City.

Suggestion #1 Keep board games in the trunk of your car. If you have other passengers there's plenty of time for a couple games of Monopoly or Chess.

Suggestion #2 Keep an electric razor in glove box. (If you leave for work clean shaven you'll need another shave by the time you get to work)

Suggestion #3 If you're by yourself, it's a great way to meet new people because there are myriads of people in the other vehicles waiting just like you. (Heck, that's how a friend of mine met his wife. As a matter of fact I believe it was during their third date when the train finally passed so that they could go.)

Suggestion #4 Plan ahead. For example, I remember one time in particular my wife took our daughter to Bloomington for some new shoes. On the way home they had to wait on the train not once but twice. Once on Hwy 54 and then again on Hwy 67. By the time they got home she had grown two shoe sizes. So plan ahead.

These are just a few suggestions that I thought might be helpful to your readers. I have several others but in print they would probably look something like this %@*&X*&%@#@XX~!!~X?XX

May your journeys through the heart of Greene County be pleasant ones.


Ted Wagner, Lyons