Greene County Court News

Friday, January 31, 2014



Midland Funding LLC as successor in interest to HSBC Bank Nevada NA vs. Alan Moody, collection

In Re the Marriage of Crystal McGrail and Jacob McGrail, domestic relation

Our Community Bank fka Owen Community Bank sb vs. Brian Hartman, Atlanta Jackson, civil plenary

Harold Smith vs. T. J. Miller and Chelsea Carmichael, small claims

Harold Harden vs. Cathy Hatchett and Ron Fish, small claims

Mona Paddock vs. Scott Crusie, small claims

James Medina vs. Tony Gardner, small claims

Atlantic Credit and Finance vs. Raymon Meador, collection

Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio No 15 LLC vs. Ricki Bays, collection

Seterus Inc. vs. Amanda Marshall, Corvee Inc., unknown occupant, mortgage foreclosure

Smithville Telephone Company vs. Susan Grubb, small claims

Premier Healthcare LLC vs. Merle Pigg, Jr., small claims

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Deena Lewis, collection

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC aka GE Capital Retail Bank vs. Joshua Marlow, collection

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Scott Noel, collection

In Re the Marriage of Lee Porter and Mary Porter, domestic relation

Greene County Clinic vs. Melissa Speer, small claims

Greene County Clinic vs. Jacqulyn Strieby, small claims

Greene County Clinic vs. Wendy Holcomb, small claims

Greene County Clinic vs. Samantha Townsend and Eric Townsend, small claims

James Corwin vs. Melinda Pena, small claims

Ivan Turpin vs. James Slater and unknown tenants, small claims

Jon Hineman vs. Scott Wellington, small claims

In Re the Marriage of Crystal Patten and Jason Patten, domestic relation

In Re the Marriage of Amy Burdette and Brian Burdette, domestic relation