Switz City Town Council discusses water utilites

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In an intimate setting, located at Switz City Town Hall, the town council met on Tuesday evening to discuss further updates on the possible plan of connecting Switz City's water with Linton.

The council is seeking to place the pump station in the area between Buck Creek Road and the highway intersection.

Currently all the residents from Buck Creek road to the top of the hill of Switz City are currently on Linton's water.

These customers are having pressure problems due to the size of their piping, but if Switz City moves forward with their plans to hook onto Linton's water, these problems will be fixed.

The plan is to provide a larger diameter of pipe that will enable the water to move more easily down to the citizens of Switz City, but they will need a pump station to get the water out to the 4-H Fairgrounds.

The way this is set to work is that the pump station would be turned on when the level of water in the tower was low and would stop when the level reached its peak point.

The city would coordinate with the city of Linton with the optimum time to the pump the water so as not to interfere with their schedule.

Switz City will be picking up approximately 40 customers who are currently on the Linton system that will be hooking on the Switz City.

Another added benefit to merging with Linton water will be the possibly of providing fire hydrants to those who have not had previous access around the Buck Creek Road area.

The town is still in the process of conducting confidential income surveys in an effort to obtain some grants to help pay for the cost of the new system.

In other business, the budget will be published sometime later this week.

The initial budget hearing will take place at the October meeting and approval will take place at the November meeting.

The council is also looking to pave new sidewalks in the town.

Currently, they have $10,000 in their budget that needs to go to provide better sidewalks in the town.

A concerned citizen expressed the need to repair and pave many of the streets in Switz City.

With the revenue they have left over from last year's budget and with the current amount they are seeking this year, the council will be looking into options to help repair many of the streets.

Recently a lightning strike hit one of the antennas causing the radio frequency to go out.

The repairs and should be finished in the next two weeks.

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