GCSD asks residents to check homes where owners are absent to aid in burglary investigations currently underway

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Greene County Sheriff's Department is asking residents to check on homes where people are away for the winter or for an extended period of time, and report any that may have been burglarized.

Deputy Jeffrey Brown said an investigation into one home that was recently burglarized while the owner was wintering in Florida has led to finding other homes that have been burglarized while owners were absent.

"Shortly after we started this investigation, we received additional reports with similar situations where the homeowner was away for the winter and either they returned home to find the house had been burglarized, or the individual who watched their home found it," said Brown.

With an ongoing investigation into these burglaries actively underway this weekend and in the days to come, officers would like residents to check homes in order to tie current or other suspects to the burglaries that have occurred recently.

According to Brown, the investigation has developed suspects and is expected to result in criminal charges being filed.

Brown said the discovery of stolen items during a traffic stop on Thursday resulted in proactive policing that is helping to solve crimes before they were reported by homeowners.

Deputy Brown also said he also wants Greene County citizens to be aware that extra patrol requests are available.

"If you or someone you know travels away for the winter or for any period of time," said Brown, "the Greene County Sheriff's Department encourages you to have someone frequently check the property to keep an eye out for incidents such as this.

"Extra patrol can also be requested by the Greene County Sheriff's Department for any property, at any time, for any reason."

To contact the Greene County Sheriff's Department to request additional patrols, or to report finding a home has been burglarized, call 812-384-4411.

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