Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: WRV board needs to look at long term

Friday, January 22, 2016

To the Editor:

Almost two years ago the people of WRV passed a referendum. It was sold to the people as a way to keep their local schools.

A list of needed repairs to the buildings was given to the people. The jist of it was that buildings had been neglected and essential heating and cooling and roofs were in dire straights.

Since then, Worthington received some minimal repairs to its heating system, and all three schools received some cosmetic work.

However, the elephant in the room has been ignored. Last February, after spending thousands on architects and plans for a new roof, the board couldn't agree on what to do with the 34-year-old roof at Lyons, so they in a split vote, settled on a two year patch.

Since then, the board has voted unanimously to spend $260,000 on gym floors, bus radios, gym lights, ball goals, PA's, backstops, door locks, phones, a bus, a concreted bus floor and a few other things.

I know the elephant will be expensive. My best calculations show that with the Cadillac of repairs to all three schools infrastructure, there will be at least $4 million left of referendum funds that will not need to be taken.

I beg of the board, please stop getting the cart before the horse. Please pick up the phone and repair air handlers and roofs and AC condensers and heating controls. Please don't fix it the cheapest way, please don't put on a patch.

As two board members stated when discussing a new baseball backstop: "If were going to do it, lets do it right."

The current system at Lyons lasted over 40 years. We don't need new buildings, we need good long lasting repairs and upgrades to heating and cooling and roofs. Then maybe you can focus on other desires.

John P Coleman