Olive Branch Baptist Church wants your shoes

Thursday, March 17, 2016
By Patti Danner The Olive Branch Baptist Church fund raising flyer.

The Olive Branch Baptist Church is holding a fundraiser from March 20 to May 20, collecting new, gently worn or used shoes.

Pastor Dan Kemp of Olive Branch Baptist got the idea from his son-in-law, Jamie Muma, who teaches at Suburban Christian School in Indianapolis.

"He had heard of the program, and knows that we are always seeking ways to help our youth, so he passed it on to me and we're having fun with it." said Kemp.

By Patti Danner A collection box at the Daily Dish Cafe on Vincennes Street in Linton.

Their goal is 2,500 pounds of shoes to give to an organization called 'Funds2Orgs,' which re-purposes the shoes, sending them on to needy people in Haiti, Africa and Asia.

The church then receives about 40 cents per pound of shoes collected, enabling at least 15 of their youth to attend summer camp.

"Camp is where life-changing decisions are made by kids. There are no cell phones, no social media, no video games or television. Just the nature that God made, and we want them all to have that opportunity," said Kemp.

The cost for a child to attend summer camp is $170 for teens and $140 for juniors, and Kemp says no child will be left behind.

The youth are involved with all aspects of raising funds, and Kemp says their involvement is important.

"It's important for kids to learn that everything must be earned. Anything important is worth working for, and the kids work hard," says Kemp.

There are currently six drop-off locations in Linton, including Regions Bank, Crane Credit Union, The Daily Dish Cafe, Baesler's Market, Glenburn Home and Linton Public Library. Shoes can also be dropped off at Olive Branch Baptist Church, located at 13441 West State Road 54.

For more information, call Pastor Dan Kemp at 812-847-9908 or email him at PastorKemp@obbc.us

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