A local author's first book

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Author on the Appalachian Trail

Linton native Jay Reed, known for his landscape photography, has written his first book.

The self titled memoir, "Jay" is a collection of short stories, thoughtful insights, and life lessons. From struggling but happy child to reflective adult these stories cover the spectrum of emotions with hope always on the horizon.

Jay Reed grew up in a small rural community in a traditional conservative family. He not only owns this fact, he wears it like a badge of honor using his rich experiences to thoughtfully showcase life lessons. You don’t have to be from Indiana or rural America to enjoy these engaging stories.

The lessons and insights make the book worthy of anyone’s time and consideration. His style of writing comes from a love of storytelling; although his reason for sharing those stories is much deeper.

Jay says, “All our lives we live with three people, the person we hope to be, the person we think we are, and the person we really are.”

Jay’s writing lovingly and graciously provides the reader with some insights to help bridge the gap between those three people bringing us closer to that person we hope to be. Every life is a canvas upon it our story and collectively that of mankind. Jay’s writing provides fuel for the fires of the mind, fuel that will warm our thoughts and give us pause to reflect on the state of our own canvas. We are all painting a portrait in this life and through his immersive writing Jay shares his palette with the reader freely.

The book is a love letter to the lives and events that sculpted that hope filled state of mind in an attempt to share it with the world. The book can be purchased at www.lulu.com and is available in paper back and e-book formats.