Court News

Monday, March 20, 2017

Criminal cases

Erica Lemmons, 25, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor theft, Level 6 felony theft prior conviction

Amy Crane, 38, Worthington, Class A misdemeanor assisting a criminal

Randy Miller, 33, Linton, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Rex Smith, 30, Freedom, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended

Cody Julian, 25, Terre Haute, Level 5 felony battery resulting in bodily injury pregnant woman

Civil Cases

Discover Bank vs. Philip Hansen

Discover Bank vs. Hsin Simmers

Midland Funding vs. David Elmore

Midland Funding vs. Samantha OíConnor

Midland Funding vs. David Goodman

Midland Funding vs. Kim Wiesmann

Midland Funding vs. Savannah Williams

Midland Funding vs. Jamie Sherer

Small Claims

Greene County Clinic vs. Harley Gilbreath and Kevin Gilbreath

Greene County Clinic vs. Joanna Walker

Greene County Clinic vs. Deeann Boatright

Full-O-Pep vs. Robert Hamilton

Full-O-Pep vs. Carrissa Clark


Amiee Greaves, Switz City and Erik Greaves, Bloomfield

Citations and Infractions

Jan Litherland, 55, Vincennes, speeding

Cody Walton, 23, Linton, passing in a no passing zone

Tasha Sargent, 26, Switz City, speeding

Donovan Cosgrove, 17, Bloomfield, failure to obey signs

Ridge Johnson, 23, Linton, disregarding traffic sign

Michael Brown, 54, Newburgh, speeding

Pietrina Hicks, 56, Rochester Hills, speeding

Peggy Poe, 47, Switz City, speeding

Andrew Carter, 29, Henderson, no valid driverís license

Allison Elmore, 19, Linton, speeding

Ryan Arford, 36, Bloomington, disregarding an official traffic control device

Michelle Warren, 26, Bloomfield, speeding

Tony Peterson, 55, Linton, driving while suspended, no valid driverís license, operating with a transferred plate

Siera Kelley, 20, Oolitic, speeding

Michele Bohnert, 41, Spencer, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Jordan Bradbury, 26, Dugger, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Travis Coleman, 42, Terre Haute, speeding

Andrew Webb, 47, Sullivan, speeding

Ricardo Perez, 43, Bloomington, speeding

Kayla Clark, 27, Bloomfield, speeding

Dylan Mason, 22, Bloomfield, open alcoholic beverage during operation of a vehicle

Kathryn Decosta, 31, Bedford, speeding

Schad McGregor, 32, Bedford, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Jeffrey Wilson, 30, Bloomfield, driving while suspended

Wyatt Yake, 17, Bloomfield, speeding

Tuesday Mounts, 23, Evansville, speeding

James Chilton, 77, Newburgh, failure to change lanes for authorized emergency vehicle

Jahn Brenneman, 26, New Haven, speeding

Chayce Tolliver, 19, Washington, failure of occupant to use safety belt

John Hong, 44, Carmel, speeding

Brooke Helton, 23, North Manchester, speeding

Adrienne Butler, 43, Newburgh, speeding

Clinton Uppencamp, 31, Bloomington, speeding

Elizabeth Oneal, 28, Owensboro, speeding

Kevin Vereen, 27, Evansville, speeding

Jerry Padgett, 29, Linton, disregarding stop sign

Kiersten Gambill, 24, Dugger, speeding

Rex Smith, 30, Freedom, fictitious plates, operating without financial responsibility

Seth Crichfield, 26, Solsberry, speeding

Deanna McKain, 34, Shelburn, speeding

David Millick, 55, Linton, speeding

Roger Lehman, 60, Linton, speeding

Cody Crichfield, 22, Terre Haute, speeding

Brandon Goodman, 31, Linton, speeding

Chad Conklin, 45, Linton, speeding

Jason Chestnut, 39, Lyons, allow dog to stray from premises

James Cobble, 58, Worthington, driving while suspended

Craig Harper, 36, Springville, driving while suspended, expired plates

Lori Land, 40, Linton, speeding

Jacob Nasserizafar, 20, Newburgh, driving too fast for conditions

Adon Hudson, 25, Linton, speeding

Ashley Fish, 26, Dugger, speeding

Robert Merriman, 63, Bloomfield, operating without financial responsibility