Court News

Friday, April 14, 2017

Criminal Cases

Evan McArdle, 19, Gosport, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Joshua Cox, 33, Linton, Level 6 felony failure to register as a sex offender, Class A misdemeanor theft

Darren Shwer, 19, Memphis, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Tammy Neidigh, 55, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement

Zachary Moskowitz, 20, Roslyn, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving

Tyler Sperling, 23, Linton, Level 6 felony auto theft

Keaton Haywood, 24, Newberry, Level 6 felony domestic battery in the presence of a child, Level 6 felony battery on a child

Pamela Cinamon, 29, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Jason Fulford, 42, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury

Maia Deforge, 18, Bloomington, Class C misdemeanor reckless driving, Class C misdemeanor illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage

Scott White, 29, Linton, Class A misdemeanor theft

Hali Harrison, 28, Linton, Class A misdemeanor theft

Jessica Smith, 33, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Patrick Crane, 38, Worthington, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy

Jennifer Vanhentenryck, 41, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony theft

Armando Kresmery, 22, Linton, Level 5 felony possession of methamphetamine, Level 6 felony unlawful possession of syringe, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Timothy Trowbridge, 51, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy

James Vestal, 43, Linton, Level 6 felony criminal confinement, Level 6 felony battery to a person less than 14 years old

Damone Means, 42, Indianapolis, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended

Chad Myers, 22, Bloomfield, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Class B misdemeanor public intoxication

Todd Landis, 45, Linton, Class A misdemeanor operating while intoxicated endangering a person, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated, Class A misdemeanor operating while intoxicated with alcohol concentration equal to .15 or more

Civil Cases

Link Federal Credit Union vs. Stephanie Harden

Synchrony Bank vs. Jennifer Kingsley

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Kimberly Griffith

LVNV Funding vs. Dickie Phillips

LVNV Funding vs. Shane Stevens

Midland Funding LLC vs. Karen Brown

One Main Financial Group vs. Wesley Terrell

Discover Bank vs. June Rehmel

One Main Financial Group vs. Melinda Minks

Capital One Bank vs. Daniel Keller

Capital One Bank vs. Teena Smith

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Jeffrey Frye

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Rita White and Steven White

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Conchetta Crowell

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Brian Shaw

Prestige Financial Services vs. Jeanie Stephens

LVNV Funding vs. Tracie Shipwash

Midland Funding vs. Paula Frye

Midland Funding vs. Justin Newsom

Small Claims

Lyco Corp. vs. Latausha Gardner

Sherlyn Flynn vs. Brandi Feltner and Ashley Hapner

Greene County Clinic vs. Kyra Roberson

Greene County Clinic vs. Angela Patton

Terrell Lawncare LLC vs. Cheyenne Fleetwood

Terrell Lawncare LLC vs. Branstetter Plumbing

Terrell Lawncare LLC vs. Sara Ross

Becky Reed vs. Janie Drew

Prima Estates vs. Emma Denny


Jennifer Brinegar, Bloomfield and Bradley Brinegar, Edwardsport

Marriage Licenses

Kegan Inman, Linton and Kristen Kilker, Linton

Cody Carver, Jasonville and Samantha Riggins, Jasonville

Joseph Dieball, Linton and Kelsey Fulford, Linton

Richard Lifford, Bloomfield and Alexandra Rollins, Bloomfield

Leon Clark, Bloomfield and Daisy Bixler, Bloomfield

Alex Doyle, Bloomfield and Gabriella Sten, Bloomfield

Jesse Lipscomb, Dugger and Marissa Ricketts, Linton

Jack Lewis, Linton and Stephanie Lewis, Linton

Matthew Alvey, Solsberry and Sarah Fimmel, Geelong

Kenan Brack, Bloomfield and Denise Morgan, Bloomfield

Steven Barnett, Linton and Angela Kenworthy, Linton

Curtis Teepe, Jr., Linton and Kristina Wallace, Linton

Citations and Infractions

William Hooker, 25, Linton, speeding

Jacob Tibbett, 26, Linton, speeding

Kaylah Healey, 25, Solsberry, speeding, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Zachary Qquillen, 19, Bloomfield, speeding

Nicholas Healey, 29, Solsberry, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Joseph Vanalstyne, 28, Jasonville, speeding

Debra Brockway-Burns, 60, Valparaiso, speeding

Jessica Robles, 38, Lansing, speeding

Justin Delaney, 38, Fayetteville, speeding

Jimmy Hawley, 23, Avon, speeding

Ashok Kumar, 35, Modesto, disregarding an official traffic control device

David Carlisle, 26, Jasonville, driving while suspended

Ralph Lifford, Jr., 38, Bloomfield, speeding

Leslie Cooprider, 33, Jasonville, speeding

Shalandra Bradley, 37, Evansville, speeding

Jacob Potts, 22, Edwardsport, speeding

Matthew Booe, 42, Brazil, speeding

Kelsey Strunk, 24, Bloomington, speeding

Dennis Hill, 36, Bloomfield, operating a vehicle without financial responsibility

Shawn Melancon, 22, Albuquerque, failure to signal

Mercedes Huff, 25, Bloomington, speeding

Nhu Nguyen, 21, Skokie, speeding

Morris Portee, 38, Washington, speeding

Samuel Mele, 50, Batavia, speeding

Ronald Blake, 64, Evansville, speeding

Shaun Swope, 36, Evansville, speeding

Rachel Hancock, 25, Bloomington, speeding

John Bredeweg, 59, Linton, speeding

Darcie Cooper, 25, New Castle, learners permit violation, speeding

Daniel King, 30, Springville, speeding

Gwen Morett, 46, Noblesville, speeding

Cassie Moss, 17, Linton, speeding

Michael Glover, Jr., 42, Sullivan, speeding

Mary Miller, 52, Bloomfield, speeding

Justin Buchanan, 20, Noblesville, speeding

Curtis Clampitt, 55, Indianapolis, speeding

Joshua Wright, 23, Bloomfield, expired plates

Paul Isenogle, 65, Bloomfield, failure of passenger to use safety belt

Darren Schilling, 37, Velpen, speeding

Kyle Pollock, 28, Mitchell, failure to use safety belt

Roman-Bustamante Sergio, Jr., 27, Berwyn, speeding

Cynthia Babington, 58, Greencastle, speeding

Phillip Graham, 53, Bowling Green, failure of driver to use safety belt

Trent Frye, 44, Cory, speeding

Trent Boyd, 42, Washington, speeding