Walton’s install crematory at Welch & Cornett Funeral Home in Worthington

Friday, April 14, 2017
Welch & Cornett in Worthington.
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The installation of Walton Crematory was completed in February 2017 within the walls of the Welch & Cornett Funeral Home in Worthington, being the first crematory in Greene County. According to funeral director and owner Todd Walton, after several years of consideration he decided this was the right time to take this step for his business.

The 43 year-old Walton explained,

“Our funeral home always has and always will look for better ways to serve the families that call on us. Like many other funeral providers, we always used the services of other funeral homes to perform the cremation process. Though we could not have asked for better service from those we have used, we now handle everything from start to finish, and your loved one never leaves our care. It has been mentioned to us many times since we have opened the crematory how much the families appreciate their loved one staying at our funeral home and not taken elsewhere for the cremation process.” They know their family member will be handled with care and respect at our funeral homes.

Though the burial of a casket and vault remain the primary choice of families in the area, cremation has grown steadily. “Cremation is a means of disposition just as burial is a means of disposition,” stated Walton. “What is done between the time we lose our loved one and the time we cremate or bury is what is most important. There is a reason for everything we do at our funeral homes. It is to help people with their grief, their loss”.

When considering adding the crematory to the Worthington location, Walton said “It all made sense. The Worthington funeral home sits half-way between the Linton and Spencer locations.

“We had room within the funeral home to add the crematory,” said Walton. “It is in a nice, clean environment, and does not disturb anything else going on within the funeral home.”

The addition would have been years down the road if not for the purchase of the location in Spencer, December 2014.

“By adding the third location, that added to the number of burials and cremations we do every year,” Walton said.

“We were at the point there were enough cremations to support and purchase the installation of the crematory. “I always put a lot of thought into everything I do at the funeral home,” Walton added. “I plan on being here for many years to come and am certain it is a good step for the future.”

Many local people worked hard to help make this work happen, according to Walton.

“Brian Stoner, Kirk Griffith, Graves Plumbing, Kenworthy Builders, James Stone, Jim Abrams, and the funeral home staff worked diligently. I can’t say enough about how kind and supportive the people of Worthington have been. Worthington is a wonderful town with great people, and we are blessed to own a business there,” Walton said.

“We will always be a full service funeral provider, and adding the crematory gives us another opportunity to better serve our families and community,” Walton said. “Anyone with questions about cremation or any other service our funeral home can provide is invited to call or stop by. We are always here for you and are glad to help in any way we can.”

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