Linton MS welcomes Hollingsworth as principal

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Linton School Board warmly welcomed Lisa Hollingsworth as its next middle school principal during a regular meeting on Monday evening.

Superintendent Nick Karaszia said they had been through many applications and rounds of interviews before deciding.

“I’m so excited, I’m ready to move into this new position and lead this great group of students and staff,” Hollingsworth said.

Lisa Hollingsworth (middle) will be Linton Middle School's next principal. Her daughter, Rylee and son, Cole, attended the meeting in support of their mother.
By Kelly Slaven

Karaszia thanked Hollingsworth and two of her children for attending the meeting, while member John Preble exclaimed, ‘finally!’.

Hollingsworth will transition into position as middle school principal after Jeff Spark’s contract ends on July 1, according to Karaszia.

The board also welcomed several coaches during the meeting, including Amanda Smith as Varsity Cheer Coach who was also in attendance. The board approved the transition of technology coach David Phigg’s position to full time.

“This is still in addition to the other position we created at last month’s meeting,” said Karaszia. “Going one to one with our computers next year--we need the extra days.”

On the other side of the spectrum, the board had well wishes for the special education bus driver, Helen Carroll, who will be retiring after nearly 20 years, and also approved Karaszia’s request to hire prior to regular board meetings for a limited amount of time due to ‘higher turnover rates’ which tend to occur during the summer months, according to Karaszia.

A recent‘hot topic’ of student parking was brought up by Karaszia, who emphasized that the board is looking into different options to solve the issue.

“This happens all the time, with more students getting their licenses and wanting to drive to school, though there is still a certain number of spots. With 20 days left, nothing will happen by the end of this year, but down the road we would like to add around 30 spots for students,” said Karaszia. “Our number one concern is safety, moving the kids out of traffic in the back,” explained Karaszia, “it would be in opposition to what we have been working on to put kids back there--we are working on this.”

As for department presentations, the board heard from both the engineering teacher and high school guidance counselor, Teresa Mansfield.

Mansfield said she has now met with all of her students to discuss scheduling, and brought along an example of a ‘four year plan’ she would create with a student.

“We start the conversation to get them thiking about senior year, to research colleges and make sure a college visit isn’t just going to just hang out with friends in Bloomington,” said Mansfield.

Mansfield said two more teachers will be trained to offer Advanced Placement (AP) English classes for juniors and seniors next year, and said ISTEP has been going smoothly.

Karaszia expressed gratitude and excitement to the new hires, and looked forward to the end of the year.

“Twenty days left, it’s hard to believe. It’s flown by. There is still a lot going on with everything in between, let’s finish strong and enjoy the summer,” said Karaszia.

Preble thanked the board at the end of the meeting for his registration to a national school board association conference in Denver, Colo. recently.

“We really are so blessed here in Linton,” said Preble, “talking to members of large schools in Chicago to L.A. and hearing the issues they have-- like multiple campuses and English as a second language--it’s quite a warm feeling what is here, it was insightful,” he said.

The next meeting of the Linton School Board will be on Monday, May 15 at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building, and is open to the public.

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