Linton man allegedly spits on officers

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Linton man is facing charges after allegedly nearly striking a police officer with his vehicle and threatening others.

According to a probable cause filed by Worthington Police Department Corporal James Harrington, Blake Fowler, 19, allegedly almost struck his unmarked vehicle on April 15 after failing to stop at the stop sign on the intersection of West Main Street and Dayton Street in Worthington.

Harrington wrote he activated his emergency lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. Fowler allegedly accelerated his vehicle and attempted to flee before coming to a stop behind a residence, where he and his passenger attempted to flee on foot.

After exiting his vehicle, Harrington wrote he advised both to stop, which they complied with. Both were placed in custody.

“When asked why he was fleeing, Blake advised me that he wasn’t and he wouldn’t have parked behind his house if he was running from me. When I asked him where he lives, he became belligerent, started yelling and cussing at me and he stated he lives at 18 North Edwards Street,” Harrington wrote.

A BMV plate check on Fowler’s vehicle revealed he lived in Linton, though he reportedly refused to provide his address to Harrington. Fowler was then secured in Harrington’s vehicle.

Harrington then began inventorying Fowler’s vehicle, where he found a silver metal hand-held grinder with a residue and smell associated with marijuana, a pocket scale, two booklets of cigarette papers and tips and a brown paper bag containing four unopened cans of Bud Lite beer.

“Blake advised me the beer belongs to (the passenger) and all other items belong to him. He stated (the passenger) was unaware he was in possession of them, and when I inquired about any other illegal items that might be contained in the Mustang, Blake became agitated, he spat in my face and he stated ‘I’m going to kick your (expletive) and (expletive) you up,’” Harrington wrote.

A short time after the alleged incident, Harrington wrote he heard what sounded like Fowler hitting his head on the interior portion of the vehicle. Upon returning to check on him, Fowler began kicking the center console. Dispatch overheard Fowler’s yelling and requested Greene County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Harvey Holt to assist.

“A short time later Deputy Holt arrived on scene and Blake was transferred into his SUV due to it having a cage in it,” Harrington wrote. “Then shortly afterwards, he attempted to headbutt Deputy Holt’s canine partner Layla, and Deputy Holt had to intervene in order to prevent Blake from injuring himself.”

Fowler then reportedly hit his head against the SUV’s cage and passenger’s side window screen several times, as well as hitting his upper torso against the interior portion of the passenger’s door, causing the window screen to bend and the interior door panel to separate from the passenger’s side rear door.

Harrington spoke with the passenger, who reportedly admitted Fowler was aware of the attempted traffic stop and he admitted to elude Harrington.

While speaking with the passenger, Indiana State Trooper Richard Klun arrived on scene, who advised Harrington and Holt Fowler could potentially be suffering from a diabetic medical condition. Greene County EMS was dispatched to the location. Upon being secured for transportation to Greene County General Hospital for medical clearance for incarceration, Fowler again threatened officers and spat on Holt’s arm.

During transport to GCGH, Fowler allegedly spat on the interior of the ambulance multiple times. Upon arrival, Fowler spate on GCGH Officer David Haddix three times, EMT Shannon Gibson twice and Harrington once.

After securing Fowler to a hospital bed, Harrington was informed a family member was present in the waiting room, who informed him Fowler suffers from bipolar disorder and depression and he refuses to take his medication.

“After speaking with (the family member), Trooper Klun and EMT Gibson advised me that Blake stated the following to them: he has enough money that will (be allowed) to walk free in a week. He will pay the judges $250,000 and they will let him walk. Once they let him walk, he is going to find them and physically harm them by beating their (expletive). Trooper Klun deserves a bullet in his head for being a pig,” Harrington wrote.

Photographs were taken of the damage to Holt’s vehicle.

Upon being medically cleared, Fowler was transported to the Greene County Jail at 12:14 a.m. on April 16 without further incident.

Fowler was preliminarily charged with resisting law enforcement using a vehicle, a Level 6 felony, battery by bodily waste to an officer, a Level 6 felony, intimidation, a Level 6 felony and criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor. He is currently being held on a $29,500 bond with 10 percent allowed.

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