Seven county trackmen make regional field as Linton finishes fifth

Friday, May 19, 2017
Tyler Meurer (left) and Bill Smith, both of Linton, fly down the track in the 100-meter dash. Meurer won the event to advance to next Thursday's Bloomington North Regional, and Smith placed fifth.
By Shad Cox

BLOOMINGTON -- Greene County will send at least seven boys to the regional as they turned in excellent performances in Thursday’s Bloomington North Regional.

The top three finishers in each event qualified for the Bloomington North Regional at 6:00 p.m. next Thursday. Other participants may qualify for the regional when track officials assess the performances in the other sectionals-- Terre Haute North, Jeffersonville, and Bedford -- that feed into the Bloomington North regional field .

Linton’s team came in fifth with 45 points. Bloomington North won the sectional with 164 points, followed by Bloomington South, 157; Edgewood, 63; Brown County, 50.5; Linton; Owen Valley, 44.5; Martinsville, 44; Eastern, 31; Bloomfield, 17; White River Valley, four; and Shakamak, three.

Jaysce Skinner of Eastern leaps over a hurdle. He may make the regional field as he placed fourth in the 100 hurdles. He will definitely make the regional in the high jump as he was second with a vault of 6-0.
By Shad Cox

“Bloomfield had a strong showing,” said Bloomfield coach Caleb Dunkerly. “It was a great evening last night and looking forward to another week of track.”

“The Eastern boys represented themselves extremely well tonight,” said Eastern coach Bill Valentine. “The Bloomington sectional is very competitive and making it out and advancing to the regional is challenging.”

WRV coach Mike Karr said the Wolverines fielded a small team this year with several freshmen in its ranks. He said he thought they “completed a good season.”

Brennan Hughes of Bloomfield gets ready to toss the shot put. He finished third in that event to make the regional field.
By Shad Cox

“Although we didn’t score well,” he said, “it was good experience for the boys to go compete in a strong sectional field.”

Shakamak coach Mark Messmer said several Lakers recorded personal records in the sectional. He said he will miss the team’s seniors when the season is over.

“You’re always excited about that, to see the kids do their best,” Messmer said.

Cody Corbin of Linton clears the bar in the pole vault. He finished third in that event to make the Bloomington North Regional.
By Shad Cox

Tyler Meurer of Linton reached the regional by winning the 100-meter dash. He posted a time of 11.45 seconds, beating Isaiah Knight of Bloomington North by .08 seconds. He came in fourth in the long jump with a leap of 19 feet, 9.5 inches, which may make the regional field.

Meurer also ran a leg for Linton’s 4X100 meter relay team which finished third with a time of 44.32. Bloomington North won the relay with a time of 43.34 and Martinsville came in second with 43.76. Meurer’s teammates were Bill Smith, Lance Dyer, and Keaton Cox. Smith turned in a fifth-place time of 12:00 in the 100 and may qualify for the regional.

Jaysce Skinner of Eastern placed second in the high jump with a leap of six feet even. He could make the regional field in the 110 meter hurdles as he finished fourth with a time of 16.61.

Tyler Meurer (left) and Keaton Cox celebrate Linton's 4X100 relay's team third-place finish. The team will compete in the regional next week. The other members are Bill Smith and Lance Dyer.
By Shad Cox

“He ran extremely well ... and almost made it out,” said Valentine.

Bloomfield’s Brennan Hughes threw the shot put 51-7 to earn a regional spot with a third-place finish. Dunkerly said he may make the regional field in the discus as he logged a throw of 139-6.

One Linton trackman will make the regional in the pole vault and could be joined by a teammate. Cody Corbin recorded a vault of 11-6 to place third. Josh Dieball also turned in a leap of 11-6, but took fourth under the tie-breaking procedures.

Benjamin Lindsey of Eastern carries the baton down the track in the 4X800 meter relay.
By Shad Cox

Other county athletes may qualify for the regional.

Ethan Helton of Eastern finished fourth in the 400 with a time of 51.98. “Ethan ran the best race of his career,” Valentine said

Luke Vandeventer of Bloomfield recorded a time of 2:02.86 to come in fourth in the 800. “Luke ran his fastest 800 of the year and should make it back on call backs,” Dunkerly said.

Eddie Garcia of White River Valley prepares to heave the shot put. He finished 12th with a throw of 39-8.25.
By Shad Cox

Eastern’s Jaden Evans placed fifth in the 200 with a time of 23.98. “Jaden continues to impress me with his hard-nosed and aggressive racing,” Valentine said. “He was extremely close to advancing to the regional in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, making the finals in each race.”

The coaches pointed out that many other athletes on their teams turned in their best efforts of the year even if they didn’t make the regional.

Messmer said Loggan Gilbertson turned in a “great race” to place sixth in the 300 hurdles.

Cameron West of Shakamak sprints down the track in the 4X100 meter relay.
By Shad Cox

“I’m very proud of him and he had a super fast split in the 4X400 relay,” Messmer said. He added that Gilbertson and his 4X400 teammates -- Rylee Landry, Jase Emanus, and Corbin Marshall -- ran their fastest time of the year to place ninth.

Landry posted a personal record of 2:08.71 as he finished ninth in the 800, just missing eighth place and scoring for the Lakers.

Dunkerly said Gag Lowry recorded his best jump of the year, 16-7.25, as he placed 14th in the long jump.

Brennan Hughes of Bloomfield zips the discus through the air to finish fourth.
By Shad Cox

Karr said freshman Clayton Hoover placed sixth in the discus with a personal record of 131-7. Eddie Garcia finished 13th in the event with a personal record of 115-0.

The WRV coach added that freshman Joe Records ran well as he placed ninth in the 1600 with a time of 4:55.03 and 10th in the 3200 with a time of 11:06.90. Karr said both times were “solid.

“We had a few good performances,” he said.

Tyler McHenry of White River Valley runs a leg of the 4X100 meter relay.
By Shad Cox

Here are the full results. Points were awarded as follows: first, 10; second, eight; third, six; fourth, five; fifth, four; sixth, three; seventh, two; and eighth, one. Asterisks denote personal records.

4X800 Meter Relay: 1, Brown County, 8:12.57; 2, Bloomington North, 8:13.08; 3, Bloomington South, 8:20.35; 4, Edgewood, 8:32.88; 5, Martinsville, 8:46.90; 6, Eastern (Layton Anderson, Benjamin Lindsey, Cory Cramer, Jakob Thastum), 9:21`.32; 7, Owen Valley, 9:39.12; 8, White River Valley (Blaine Gilstrap, Wyatt Westray, Shaun Gibson, Kaeden Strosnider), 10:21.08.

100 Meter Dash: 1, Tyler Meurer (L), 11.45; 2, Isaiah Knight (BN), 11.53; 3, Maveric Thiery (BS), 11.87; 4, Matt Ambrosio (BN), 11.95; 5, Bill Smith (L), 12.00; 6, Jaden Evans (E), 12.02; 7, Sam Conrad (BS), 12.06; 8, Ryan Hiatt (EW), 12.12; 15, Tyler McHenry (WRV), 12.55.

A.J. Sipes of Bloomfield finished 19th in the shot put with a throw of 36-9.5.
By Shad Cox

1600 Meter Run: 1, Jack Gillard (BS), 4:34.68; 2, Jake Wisniewski (BS), 4:35.87; 3, Isaiah Hollars (BN), 4:37.00; 4, Paul Rushton (BN), 4:42.45; 5, Kyle Smith (M), 4:46.80; 6, Cole Dalton (M), 4:53.59; 7, Nathan Kilburn (BC), 4:53.75; 8, Cameron Banister (EW), 4:55.02; 9, Joe Records (WRV), 4:55.03; 10, Austin Gordon (L), 4:57.01; 12, Thastum (E), 5:11.07; 14, Cramer (E), 5:18.04; 15, Adam Slater (S), 5:24.12; 16, Jase Emanus (S), 5:34.54; 17, Jake King (B), 5:40.09; 18, Noah Cumming (B), 5:42.21.

4X100 Meter Relay: 1, Bloomington North, 43.34; 2, Martinsville, 43.76; 3, Linton (Smith, Lance Dyer, Keaton Cox, Meurer), 44.32; 4, Edgewood, 44.80; 5, Owen Valley, 45.81; 7, Eastern (Nate Crowe, Cayden Sego, Deric French, Evans), 46.56; 8, Brown County, 47.66; 9, WRV (Strosnider, Gibson, Caleb Fish, McHenry), 49.16; 10, Shakamak (Andrew Miller, Jayce Barton, John Gould, Cameron West), 51.13.

400 Meter Dash: 1, Antonio Dallmann (BN), 49.03; 2, Will Jones (BN), 51.44; 3, Isaiah Keefauver (BC), 51.69; 4, Ethan Helton (E), 51.98; 5, Casey Hancock (OV), 52.22; 6, Corbin Wrightsman (OV), 52.69; 7, Bradford Bomba (BS), 52.87; 8, John McGlothlin (EW), 52.89; 12, Cameron Parola (L), 54.88; 14, Corbin Marshall (S), 57.56; 16, Eneko Mateos (S), 1;02.69.

300 Meter Hurdles: 1, Kaleb Budde (BS), 39.00; 2, Tyler Strickland (EW), 41.13; 3, Max Molt (BS), 41.31; 4, Michael Kase (BN), 41.84; 5, Ian Townsend (OV), 42.35; 6, Loggan Gilbertson (S), 44.02; 7, Julien Slaughter (BN), 44.10; 8, Evan Slover (L), 44.11; 12, Brandon Sciscoe (E), 14, Jaxson Harbaugh (S), 58.37.

800 Meter Run: 1, Wyatt Wyman (BC), 1:59.19; 2, Drew Warren (BN), 2:00.10; 3, Tyler Garrett (M), 2:01.15; 4, Luke Vandeventer (B), 2:02.86; 5, Jacob Fowler (BN), 2:03.12; 6, Job Lawson (BC), 2:04.80; 7, Matt Shishman (BS), 2:04.93; 8, Jack Gillard (BS), 2:06.35; 9, Rylee Landry* (S), 2:08.71; 12, Justin Lane (S), 2:18.71; 13, Benjamin Lewellyn (L), 2:20.16; 16, Anderson (E), 2:23.02.

200 Meter Dash: 1, Kobe Sterner (BN), 22.76; 2, Dallmann (BN), 22.96; 3, Pierce Evans (BS), 23.34; 4, Zach Hamilton (M), 24.06; 5, Evans (E), 23.97; 6, Casey Hancock (OV), 24.45; 7, Billy Buis (M), 24.58; 8, Maveric Thiery (BS), 24.74; 14, A.J. Sipes (B), 26.65; 15, Barton (S), 26.70.

High Jump: 1, Monson (BS), 6-1; 2, Jaysce Skinner (E), 6-0; 3, Keefauver BC), 5-10; 3, David Brown (EW), 5-10; 5, Teddy Waxler (BN), 5-10; 6, Daniel Burkett (OV), 5-10; 6, Noah Bise (EW), 5-10; 6, Dawson Williams (BC), 5-10; 10, West (S), 5-6; 10, Noah Floyd (B), 5-6; 15, Sammy Robbins (S), 5-6.

3200 Meter Run: 1, Ian Shaw (BS), 9:33.94; 10, Records (WRV), 11:06.90; 12, Gordon (L), 11:13.79; 13, Dylan Richardson (B), 11:39.73; 14, Blaine Gilstrap (WRV), 11:45.92.

Pole Vault: 1, Jacob Coryea (BS), 13-6; 2, Garrett Ramsey (BN), 12-0; 3, Cody Corbin (L), 11-6; 4, Josh Dieball (L), 11-6; 5, Teddy Waxler (BN), 6, Carter LaCoursiere (OV), 10-6; 6, Blake (EW), 10-6; 7, Austin Peyton (M), 10-0.

4X400 Meter Relay: 1, Bloomington North, 3:22.60; 2, Bloomington South, 3:26.20; 3, Edgewood, 3:31.61; 4, Brown County, 3:31.93; 5, Owen Valley, 3:34.93; 6, Martinsville, 3:35.95; 7, Linton (Parola, Slover, Dyer, Dieball), 3:44.04; 8, Eastern (Sego, Evans, French, Helton), 3:44.67; 9, Shakamak* (Gilbertson, Emanus, Landry, Marshall), 3:48.99; 10, WRV (Clayton Hoover, Strosnider, Gibson, McHenry), 4:04.50.

110 Meter Hurdles: 1, Budde (BS), 14.90; 2, Chase Washington (BS), 15.71; 3, Wrightsman (OV), 16.10; 4, Skinner (E), 16.61; 5, Strickland (EW), 16.66; 6, Michael Kase (BN), 16.91; 7, Nathan Bolin (EW), 17.05; 11, Reed Hudson (E), 20.01.

Shot Put: 1, Logan Calvin (BN), 58-7.25; 2, Tyler Truelock (BS), 52-3.75; 3, Brennan Hughes (B), 51-7; 4, Jonathan Dodrill (BS), 48-9.50; 5, Kye Hatton (M), 47-7; 6, Zach Merritt (BN), 46-1; 7, Baylee Mosier (BC), 43-11.50; 8, Riley Edgerton (M), 43-5.25; 9, Silas Robbins (L), 41-11.25; 11, Childress (E), 40-9.75; 12, Eddie Garcia (WRV), 39-8.25; 15, Griffin Matherly (S), 37-8.50; 16, Jon Clevenger (WRV), 37-4; 17, Andrew Miller (S), 37-3; 18, Gage Baker (E), 37-00.25; 19, Sipes (B), 36-9.5.

Long Jump: 1, Monson (BS), 20-9.75; 2, Noah Bise (EW), 20-8, 3, Waxler (BN), 19-10.25; 4, Meurer (L), 19-9,50; 5, Cox (L), 19-2.50; 6, Townsend (OV), 19-1; 7, Thiery (BS), 18-8.25; 8, Jaylin Johnson (M), 18-8.25; 13, Skinner (E), 17-3.75; 14, Gage Lowry* (B), 16.7.25; 16, Barton (S), 14-10.50; 17, Crowe (E), 14-7; 18, Harbaugh (S), 12-2.

Discus: 1, Calvin (BN), 167-11; 2, Donnie Mader (OV), 162-7; 3, Dodrill (BS), 160-8; 4, Hughes (B), 139-6; 5, Colton Bowman (EW), 132-9; 6, Hoover* (WRV), 131-7; 7, Silas Robbins (L), 131-1; 8, Floyd (B), 129-7; 13, Garcia* (WRV), 115-0; 16, Sciscoe (E), 106-9; 18, Baker (E), 101-5; 19, Noah Wilson (S), 98-4; 20, Caleb Collier (S), 96-8.

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