Input sought for Vote Center plan

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Awona Watson checked in with Rose Ella Edmonson at the Jasonville Fire Department during the 2016 election cycle.
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The Greene County Clerk’s Office is seeking public input on the proposed Greene County Vote Center plan.

Clerk Susan Fowler and Teressa Smith presented the plan to the Greene County Council during a public hearing Monday night.

Fowler said the comprehensive plan will be available in the Voter Registration Office for 30 days after the public hearing, at which point another public hearing will be held. Upon approval by both the Greene County Council and Greene County Commissioners, Smith said the plan would be filed with the state and the county would officially become a vote center.

Fowler said the goal of being designated a Vote Center county is to make voting easier and save the county money.

As part of the plan, the number of vote centers will be reduced from 20 to 10 -- which will include the elimination of vote centers which are used less on Election Day. The plan designates the following vote centers to be open on Election Day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Jasonville Fire Department, Worthington Town Hall, Center Township Fire Department, Roy Clark Building, Bloomfield Fire Department, Lyons Community Building, Greene County Community Event Center, Taylor Township Fire Department and Easter Fire Department.

Fowler noted these are already pre-approved voting locations.

Fowler explained the Vote Center county designation will allow voters to vote anywhere in the county. For example, if an individual is on their way to or from work, they could stop at the most convenient polling place. Also, if an individual were to pull up to their typical polling place and the line was too long, they could drive to the next location to vote with the help of the electronic registration.

There will also be additional machines at each location -- at least four -- which will also help in getting individuals through the line much quicker.

In addition to the courthouse being open for early voting for 28 days before Election Day, the Voter Registration Office would open two satellite locations in the Saturdays before Election Day, one on the east side of the county and the other on the west side on subsequent Saturdays.

After the first election cycle in which the plan is in place, if approved, the vote centers placement and number can be re-evaluated if needed.

Fowler stressed anyone who would like to give input or would like to read the proposed plan should contact the Voter Registration Office at 812-384-2015 or stop by the office in the Greene County Courthouse.

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