Bloomfield Pool is necessity

Friday, September 8, 2017

It has been five years since the Bloomfield Town Council made the tough decision to close the town’s pool, and since then several people have stepped up to gather more than $500,000 to remedy the issue.

When the decision was first made to close the pool in the summer of 2012, there was a lot of frustration and concern. One of the biggest concerns was, “What are the kids going to do this summer?”

That was a valid question which is still in the forefront of may people’s minds: What can they do to make sure local youth have summer entertainment and not have to leave their small community?

During this week’s public meeting to discuss the options, two individuals were in attendance from the public to talk about their feelings of redoing and reopening the pool. Both of those individuals expressed their disinterest in reopening the town’s pool.

While safety concerns were the initial reason for closure, it is important to remember why the volunteers in the Town of Bloomfield have worked so diligently to bring in the money to get so close to their end goal.

Bloomfield is a great little community -- that much is undeniable. The small town has a strong sense of community pride and the school system offers incredible opportunities to its students.

But, what are the kids supposed to do during the summer when school is out? We’ve heard, “Well, Linton has a pool,” but that isn’t enough. For example, what about the youth whose only means of travel during the summer is on foot to the nearest amenity while their parents are at work? Think of all the families you know. How many have a stay-at-home parent to drive their children around during the daytime hours? The answer is probably very few.

These youth, especially, are why it is important to work so hard to make sure there are options for entertainment in the area.

Hardworking volunteers have dedicated years and their many resources to make sure the pool will one day become a reality. It’s not like this is taxpayer money going to open the pool. These are funds pooled together specifically for the sake of community entertainment.

It’s no secret a town pool is no money-making venture, but isn’t it worth giving the community a place to go on a hot, summer day to cool off and spend the day with their friends and family?

Instead of criticizing, we should be praising those who didn’t have to utilize their own time and resources to retain family amenities in Bloomfield.

If interested in helping the Bloomfield Town Pool, visit www.bloomfieldpool.com .