Difference Makers 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017
GCDW Difference Makers 2017 finalists, from left, Jerry Margraf, Josh Goodman, Gayle Margraf, Kenny Livingston, Buck Mullis, Judy Mullis, Jarod Lee (front), Irene Skomp, LCDR Michael Cluver, Christa Turpin, Barbara Hanauer and Celia Fines (accepting for Nina Hinchman).
By Shad Cox

‘The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone; the things you do for other people live on as your legacy.’

Thursday evening, the publishers and staff of the Greene County Daily World gathered at Linton’s Goose Pond Lodge and Retreat to celebrate and honor the 10 finalists in our 2017 Greene County Daily World Difference Maker of the Year contest.

Although it’s just our name in the title, putting on this yearly event in order to call attention to and to thank the people who make such a positive impact on the lives of others in Greene County, the Daily World could not accomplish an event of its magnitude without the help of our sponsors and of the volunteers who prepare the food, decorate the tables, present the music, frame the plaques and donate gift cards, time, effort and money to make sure our finalists and guests were treated to a pleasant and memorable evening.

The spirit of giving for the sake of giving is one of the qualities we see over and over in the nomination forms we receive for Difference Makers, and we can’t help but mention our awareness of the similarities between the people we are honoring and the people who make Difference Makers possible.

The 2017 banquet went off without a stumble, at least to all appearances, and we are grateful to our 2017 sponsors: Jerry and Gayle Margraf of Linton McDonald’s, Tracy Keen of State Farm Insurance in Linton, Bob Burkle Chevy/Ford of Clay City, Save-A-Lot of Linton, Mark and Julia Bartlow of Goose Pond Lodge and Retreat in Linton, and a sponsor who wished to remain anonymous.

We also extend our hearty thanks to those who donated the gift cards we gave to our 2017 Difference Makers of the Year: Walmart of Linton, Sportsman’s Pub of Linton, Jack’s Place Restaurant in Jasonville and Casey’s General Store in Linton.

The people behind the scenes are people who gave just as much by giving their time and talent to the event:

2016 Difference Maker of the Year Debbie Bender of Worthington and Deb Pruett of Linton who helped with set-up, prepared food and helped clean up, Shad Cox of Linton who captured the event for us all, Chris Pruett, Tina Davis, Christy Lehman and Kristin Inman of the Greene County Daily World, who prepared food, helped with set-up, decorated, cleaned up and presented the event and Mark and Julia Bartlow of Goose Pond Lodge and Retreat who helped with set-up, provided entertainment and pitched right in to clean up after the event.

These are, each one of them, true Difference Makers.

Last but not even close to least, we thank all of the people who took the time to nominate people they thought of as Difference Makers, and to our top ten finalists: LCDR Micheal Cluver of Bloomfield, Officer Josh Goodman of Linton, Barbara “Cookie Lady” Hanauer of Bloomfield, Nina Hinchman of Worthington, Jarod Lee of Linton, Kenny Livingston of Worthington, Gayle and Jerry Margraf of Linton, Buck and Judy Mullis of Lyons, Irene Skomp of Lyons and Christa Turpin of Bloomfield. We offer our thanks and our appreciation for all that you do.

To our 2017 Difference Makers of the Year, Buck and Judy Mullis of Lyons, we say congratulations and give thanks for all the positivity they add to the place we live.

Because of all of you, we are able to find and promote the people who help to make Greene County a place that is truly blessed and just keeps getting better.

We look forward to discovering next year’s Difference Makers, and we thank our readers and community for being our audience.