Eight county runners advance from Bedford sectional

Sunday, October 8, 2017

BEDFORD – No county team advanced from the Bedford sectionals Saturday morning, but eight runners, six boys and two girls, qualified for next week's regionals.

Bloomington North won the Bedford-North Lawrence boys' sectional. Eastern placed sixth and Bloomfield finished eighth. Austin Haskett of Edgewood won the boys race with a time of 15 minutes, 37.3 seconds.

The Lady Panthers also won the girls' sectional. Bloomfield finished seventh and Eastern came in eighth. Edgewood freshman Annalyssa Crain won the race with a time of 18:10.4.

These six county runners will compete in the boys regional next weekend: Dustin Lester (Ea), 16th, 17:34.6, the best time compiled by a freshman; Austin Bond (B), 23rd, 18:02.0; Layton Anderson (Ea), 30th, 18:21.9; Cory Cramer (Ea), 31st, 18:24.7; Dylan Richardson (B), 33rd, 18.29.7; and Cameron Ross (B), 35th, 18:37.5.

“It feels really great,” Lester said. “I couldn't ask for more.”

Two girls from Greene County made it to the regional. Junior Sierra Ford of Eastern qualified for the regional for the third straight year, placing 22nd with a time of 22:33.2. Bloomfield sophomore Ava Mattox was right behind Ford, finishing 23rd with a time of 22:45.9.

“I'm very proud of my girls,” Bloomfield girls coach Ashley Pafford said. “I'm proud of Ava. She had a good race.”

“Sierra ran a solid race, as usual,” Eastern girls coach Adam Nonte said.

The top five teams from each sectional will advance to the Bedford regionals next Saturday. Also qualifying for the regional were the top 10 boys and girls who were not on a team that advanced.

North won the boys' sectionals with 31 points, followed by Bloomington South, 34 points; Pekin Eastern, 111; Edgewood, 132; Bedford, 136; Eastern, 172; Orleans, 197; Bloomfield, 214; Mitchell, 233; Salem, 249; Paoli, 286; and West Washington, 380.

North took the girls' sectional with 28 points, followed by Bloomington South, 41; Edgewood, 67; Mitchell, 158; Bedford, 159; Paoli, 179; Bloomfield, 219; Eastern, 222; Pekin Eastern, 231; Salem, 261; Orleans, 296; and West Washington, 313.

Other Eastern boys were: Adam Anderson, 44th, 19:09.5; Ben Lindsey, 51st, 19:27.1; Wyatt Birch, 58th, 20:00.3 ;and Isaac Hudson, 68th, 21:15.4

These other Bloomfield runners also competed: Mitchell Burch, 61st, 20:18.3; Andrew Sherrard, 62nd, 20:23.4; Noah Cumming, 74th, 22:39.3; and A.J. Sipes, 77th, 23:01.5.

Ford said the clouds covered the sun when the boys ran, so temperatures were cooler, but they dispersed after the race and the girls had to run in sunlight. She said the heat affected the runners.

“I think that affected all of the girls' times,” Ford said. “I know mine was slower than I wanted it to be.

I felt pretty good in the beginning. Then the sun came out in the second lap, but I was able to pick off girls so I think it was mostly the heat..”

Lady Cardinals who also competed were: Abby Hartzburg, 44th, 25:04.5; Nicole Kilzer, 45th, 25:06.5; Hannah Walls, 50th, 25:28.2; Emily Neighbors, 57th, 26:44.9; and Shelby Woods, 63rd, 27:56.5;

Pafford said Hartzbirg. Kilzer, and Walls were all battling injuries or illness, but still came through for Bloomfield. She said Hartzburg and Kilzer ram “really good races.

“Overall, I'm pleased with the girls and how they finished,” Pafford said. ”I think one or two will make the regional next year.”

Other Lady Thunderbirds were: Lily Prince, 40th, 24:46.8, placing 12th of those runners not on advancing teams; Thea Ludvigsen, 47th, 25:17.1; Farrah Young, 55th, 26:40.0; Stina Lindqvist, 58th, 26:45.2; and Zoe Logston, 61st, 27:1.69. All the Lady Thunderbirds were a joy to coach, Nonte said.

“We ran well,” he said. “It's been a trying year. We knew we had our work cut out for us. They improved their times.”

Next week,the coach said, Ford needs to get her time back under 22 minutes, where it had been the last few meets.

The eight county runners will compete in the approximately Bedford regionals next week. The boys run at 10:30 a.m. and the girls compete at 11:45 a.m.

Several runners have told The Daily World that the Bedford course, while being beautiful with meadows and woods, it is a tough course to run. There is a steep hill and the last 50 yards run up a slope. Lester said he thought the course was tough, but not as formidable as the Edgewood course where the Thunderbirds competed in the Mustang Invitational.

“It's not the hardest,” he said, “but it's challenging.”


Boys: Austin Haskett (Ed), 15:37.3; 2, Andrew Warren (BN), 16:10.2; 3, Isaiah Hollars (BN), 16:10.6; 4, Codie Pullon (BS), 16:11.7; 5, Ian Shaw (BS), 16:23.1; 6, Wil Zinkan (BS), 16:29.2; 7, Paul Rushton (BN), 16:16:36.3; 8, Jack Gillard (BS), 16:38.7; 9, Jake Talbert (BN), 16:40.7; 10, Ben Iovina (BN), 16:59.5; 11, Josh Miller (BS), 17:08.4; 12, Miles Main (BN), 17:21.1; 13, Rhett Pennington (PE), 17:22.7; 14, Uriah Guthire (PE), 17.26.0; and Brandon Sill (PE), 17:33.1.

Girls: Annalyssa Crain (Ed), 18:10.4; 2, Grace Williams (BN), 18:47.9; 3, Toudora Galuska (BS), 19:13.1; 4, Abbey Armstrong (BN), 19:34.9; 5, Mya Hagerty (BN), 19:44.1; 6, Madison McMullen (BS), 19:44.6; 7, Quinn Wilson (BN), 19:55.8; 8, Sarah Forster (Ed), 19:56.0; 9, Katrina Tann (BS), 20:00.2; 10, Alexa Gebhardt (BN), 20:08.2; 11, Anneke Furr (BS), 20:11.0; 12, Zoe Rauh (BS), 20:11.3; 13, Kaylee Meyer (Ed), 20:20.6, 14, Bella Farmer (BN), 20:33.9; and 15, Cierra Bell (M), 20:48.1

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