Thank you for you service.......

Thursday, November 9, 2017

It’s Veterans Day.

A day set aside each year since 1918, when, at 11 a.m. on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I officially ended. Since then, we as a nation have had this day on which we remember the fallen and honor those who protect our shores both at home and in conflict overseas.

How do you celebrate Veterans Day? Many of us use the day as a reminder to thank any veteran we meet, and others attend special ceremonies created to give our thanks in an official way.

These days, veterans are given accolades and honors in ways both large and small, and every one of them deserves each one. Very often, our citizens will stop to say, “Thank you for your service,” taking advantage of a face-to-face moment with a veteran to show respect.

But is there an even better way? We think there is.

Many service organizations exist to help veterans of all wars in ways they can use even more than a thank-you. Right here in Greene County, every VFW, every American Legion and every fraternal organization does numerous things to help veterans in practical and sometimes overlooked ways.

The Romans Warrior Foundation, based in Bloomfield, offers weekend retreats to veterans at no cost to them. Veterans are offered lodging, food, recreation and brotherhood at the RWF retreat in Bloomfield.

Our area VFWs deliver gifts to veterans in nursing homes countywide, our American Legions offer care packages and goodie bags to older veterans in need.

These organizations operate on donations from us, the very citizens who are grateful, and the simple act of sending one or more of them a few dollars will go a lot further to make a veteran’s life easier than a “Thank you for your service,” no matter how heartfelt.

When you put your money where your heart is, you show these organizations and every veteran who benefits from them your gratitude, and you give a veteran in Greene County access to services and fellowship they may need more than verbal appreciation.

They, all of them, stepped up for us, every one of us.

This Veterans Day, let’s return the favor.

To donate to the Romans Warrior Foundation, visit www.romanswarriorfoundation.org

To donate to your area VFW, visit www.vfw.org or your local Veterans of Foreign Wars.

To donate to the American Legion, visit www.legion.org or visit your local American Legion.