Bloomfield School Building Corporation hears update on Complex; special school board meeting to address completion

Friday, November 10, 2017
The Board of Directors of the Bloomfield School Building Corporation met in the Law Office of Todd R. Corn on Nov. 1 L-R: President Randall Burcham, Secretary Keith Hanauer, Todd R. Corn and Vice President Marvin Helms.
By Kristen Inman

Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 6 p.m., Board Members of the Bloomfield School Building Corporation met at Todd R. Corn Law Office in Bloomfield to elect officers, approve resolutions concerning banking, and hear an update from Bloomfield School District Superintendant Jeff Gibboney on the outdoor sports complex.

All three directors formally resumed their positions after a short vote, each one unanimous. Randall Burcham will resume as president, Marvin Helms as vice president and Keith Hanauer will resume as secretary.

The board voted to approve minutes from the last meeting, which took place on Jan. 18, 2017. During that meeting, the board discussed the payment of $89,098 to CH Garmong, which was returned to the construction fund, where it still sits today. Before the payment was made, cracks were discovered in the tennis courts.

The first new order of business was to approve a motion to ratify the payment of $26,093.39 from the Bloomfield Jr/Sr High Renovation Project fund to Bounds Flooring, Inc. for flooring done at the school.

“There is still some money in that fund, but not very much,” said Corn. “That was probably 2/3 of what was left. Most of those funds have been spent.”

The remaining resolutions dealt with banking.

The board first approved the resolution to authorize the president and secretary of the BSBC to open a corporate checking account at BloomBank to facilitate the semiannual wiring of funds for bond payments to the Bank of New York Melon Trust. It also authorized the BNYMT to pay for the opening of the account with funds from the Building Corporation’s operation and reserve fund.

The next approved resolution indicated that the president and secretary would be authorized to write checks, wire funds or withdraw orders issued against the funds in the account once established. The resolution included language that authorizes the president and secretary to sign a corporate resolution with MutualBank of Muncie in the event that MutualBank asks for additional authorization.

In early October, MutualFirst Financial announced its merger with Universal Bancorp, holding corporation of BloomBank.

The board approved an invoice of $1,770 for services performed by Todd R. Corn Law Office from Jan. 19 to the end of October.

Next, the board discussed the athletic facility.

Corn read an Oct. 30 email from Gibboney to the board, regarding progress on the outdoor sports complex.

“I do not have a current update from the architect,” the email read. “However, Garmong is working on the punch list as we speak. We believe everything will be completed by Nov. 3 if the school decides the work is satisfactory.”

According to the email, the school is intending to withhold $5,000 for the cost of over-ceding into the spring. The hope, explained Corn, is for the school board to be able to declare substantial completion on Nov. 13; after which Gibboney plans for the facilities to start being used, with a grand opening in the Spring.

A notice for a special school board meeting of the Bloomfield School District School Board, Nov. 13 at 3 p.m., indicates the approval of substantial completion of the sports complex.

“It’s in a better position that it was a year ago, but there had been a lot of things that have happened in the last year... to keep this campus up to date as they’ve had meetings down there,” said Corn.

Helms asked about warranties, referring back to the tennis court incident. Corn said that there were different warranties for different contractors, but could not provide a specific answer off the top of his head.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:38 p.m.

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