Eastern Greene’s success brings us together as a county

Friday, November 24, 2017

Despite a hard-fought loss, we at the Greene County Daily World would like to note the amount of community support we have witnessed for the Eastern Greene Thunderbirds.

With a Greene County team making it to the football state finals three years in a row, we have observed an overflow of community support, whether that be in the form of encouraging Facebook posts and comments on coverage, attendance at games and traveling to root for our teams.

By looking at the numbers, community engagement has been high over the past several weeks the further the team has advanced. The majority of what we have observed has been positive, with words of encouragement and congratulations being offered in full.

Eastern Greene has truly made us a proud county for the third year in a row. It is not often a small community of our size is able to send teams to Indianapolis three years in a row, and the amount of time, effort and engagement from all has helped continue to push on the team’s success.

No matter the results of Friday’s game, we as a county can stand up and say we are proud of Eastern Greene for its accomplishment. The pride could be felt in all of those watching the game on TV or for those truly dedicated fans who made the trip to Lucas Oil Stadium to witness and cheer on the players in person.

The following have been thoughts posted on social media from around the community:

Jonas Uland, commenting on Facebook: “I think that is great. Took a lot of hard work, patience and good coaching (let alone community support). Does not happen by accident or overnight.”

Sara LuAnn, commenting on Facebook: “I’m so happy for them! Once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Ted Baechtold, commenting on Twitter: “Our school and community support of our EG Thunderbirds FB team is just amazing...just like our team! Very proud...#thunderbirdbest!”

The support comes from more than simple words of encouragement as well. Community members took time from their Thanksgivings to prepare a meal for the football team while they practiced at Lucas Oil.

The love for our local football teams is something of a miracle to witness. It is because of this that we offer our most sincere congratulations to the Eastern Greene football boys, school system and community for your amazing accomplishments this season.