Woodall fills clerk position

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Tammy Woodall (left) and Rae Della Cravens look through old court documents in the Clerk's Office. Woodall is serving as the County Clerk following the passing of Susan Fowler.
By Sabrina Stockrahm

The former first deputy in the Greene County Clerk’s Office is fulfilling the term of the late Susan Fowler.

Tammy Woodall will fill the position as Greene County Clerk through the completion of Fowler’s term second term, ending in December 2018.

Fowler passed away Oct. 20, 2017. She was first elected as the county clerk in 2011.

Tammy Woodall

Woodall began serving as the acting clerk on Oct. 24 and was selected by a Republican caucus Nov. 18.

Republican Party Chairperson Paul Clark said Woodall was the only one who filed for the position.

“When a vacancy comes open, the party calls a caucus of the precinct committeemen, which with this position was county-wide,” Clark explained.

The caucus then meets with those who filed for the position and makes the selection.

Woodall said she believed Fowler had reached out to some of the precinct committee members before her passing to let them know it was her wish the first deputy take over.

Woodall has worked in the Greene County Clerk’s Office since Fowler took office in 2011, so she said she had the knowledge to take the lead following Fowler’s death.

“When she wasn’t here, I would take over her duties, so I was familiar with the position,” Woodall explained. “Susan was ill for a while. It is tough with her not being here, but I think we are all transitioning well.”

She noted there is a lot of constantly changing information coming through the clerk’s office and credited the other individuals who worked in the office, as well as the other county departments they work with, for helping make the transition easier.

“I had never really considered (taking this position) before, but there is so much knowledge and experience in this office, we help each other through everything. We also work closely with the prosecutor’s office, the courts and the probation department. Everyone in this building is helpful,” Woodall said. “There is a lot to learn and continue to learn.”

Woodall said 2018 comes with a big change, which had been in the works through most of 2017 under Fowler’s direction. This will be the first year Greene County will operate as a Vote Center County.

“It will be a learning experience for all of us,” Woodall said.

Woodall said she is not sure if she plans on running for the position at the conclusion of Fowler’s term.

“Susan and I were friends for a long time. This is still tough,” Woodall said.

Clark noted his appreciation to the precinct committeemen for the excellent turnout when filling Folwer’s position.

The Republican Party will soon be hosting another caucus to fill the Greene County Auditor position as Patty Baker has resigned from the position due to health reasons, effective Jan. 10.

Clark said the caucus is planned for early January and encourages anyone interested in fulfilling Baker’s position -- which concludes December 2018 -- to reach out to him.

“I can help guide them. Anybody can work to try to file for the position,” Clark noted.

Clark can be reached at 812-798-8075 or at lintongop@gmail.com.

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