An open letter to Santa Claus

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dear Santa,

Greene County has been good this year, so we would like to ask for a few things this Christmas since we are on the nice list. At least, we should be.

We know it’s your busiest time of year, so we won’t ask for too much -- just enough to keep our county happy and thriving.

Could you bring more industry and jobs to the area?

Our county, city and town leaders have been working hard to make Greene County attractive to potential industry.

Recently, the City of Linton announced it received a grant, which will make the piece of land on County Road 1000 West more attractive to prospective companies looking to move to the area. Mayor John Wilkes said the goal is to make the property shovel ready, which is one of the many items on the checklist when businesses are looking to move.

County leaders have also been making this push, so it’s obviously very positive for the county and region as a whole.

Can you make sure Bloomfield gets its pool?

After more than five years without a town pool, dedicated volunteers have made it possible for community leaders to finally start looking at logistics.

There is still a little work left to be done in the final fundraising push, but we know the Town of Bloomfield’s residents understand the need for giving the local youth a place to spend their summers away from school.

Designs are being put together for the pool, and we want to make sure they meet their goal of opening in 2018.

We could use a little help to continue to keep our residents and emergency personnel safe.

Our local law enforcement officials have been working hard to keep criminals off the streets, and that hard work -- along with a change in sentencing guidelines -- has also led to overcrowding issues at the Greene County Jail. The county is working to remedy the situation with a major addition, which will reduce the overcrowding issues and hopefully make the jobs of the jail officers a safer one.

Drugs are running rampant in our little communities, much like the rest of the country, and keeping the streets clear of those criminals will make life safer for all of us.

Our local emergency personnel -- police, fire and EMTs -- are doing more work with fewer resources and we need them to stay safe in order to keep the rest of us safe.

Please help us bring tourists to the county.

Visitors to the area bring in revenue to businesses, which trickles down into the pockets of our residents. Booming business means continued employment availability. If we continue to thrive, then taxes get paid and we get to keep necessities like safe roads and bridges.

Later this month, the first meeting of the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be meeting just in time for the Innkeepers Tax to be implemented in January.

The Innkeepers Tax will help raise money for the county to show off its amenities to a wider audience. Plus, Greene County has a lot of beautiful terrain and fantastic businesses to show off.

Our list may have been a little extensive, but you never know unless you ask.

Thanks for listening, Santa. Safe travels this Christmas!


Your friends at the Greene County Daily World