Itís the most wonderful time of year

Saturday, December 23, 2017

While one of our Greene County Daily World reporters was speaking with a source earlier this week, he said, ďPeople just donít realize how much Linton and Greene County have to offer.Ē

With weeks like the one we have seen, those words could not be truer.

While Greene County sees good deeds year-round, Christmas-time tends to bring those good deeds to light as individuals and groups become more vocal about the need for assistance.

Recently, the Bloomfield Police Department completed its ďBless this DinnerĒ program. The small department reaches out to the community each year to put together food baskets for those in need and local children received some goodies due to the dedication of the officers.

Greene County police officers continually showcase their dedication to protecting and serving, with BPD serving up much more than just protecting.

The Linton Community Group and Linton Civitan Club partnered again this year for the Toys for Tots distribution and free Christmas dinner.

This time of year can take a toll on families financially, with increased electric bills and wanting to provide a wonderful Christmas for their children. These volunteers step up to discreetly provide families with gifts for their children, and they can join people from all over the community next door to get a free, hot meal.

Then, this week we got to see a new kind of giving which will let anyone get involved any time -- day or night.

Lintonís first Blessing Box was installed at 340 NE G Street. While this project has been in the works for months, the completion fell just in time for Christmas.

For some people, asking for help is embarrassing. Having to stand in line outside of a church or an event waiting for help can cause someone to shy away from asking for a little help.

While asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of, itís understandable that it can cause a little bit of anxiety. Maybe itís just two days before payday and you canít quite stretch those last few dollars until Friday. The Blessing Box is a discreet way to help push through those couple of days by stopping to grab a can a soup or some shampoo.

The location is perfect for students who are walking home from school to stop by and pick up a can of ravioli or other needed items.

The discreet location is in a place where it would be hard to tell if a visitor to the box is dropping off or picking up an item.

It will be up to us as a community to keep the box going and filled with items. If you have some unused non-perishable food items lying around the house, drop them by the box. If you have some extra items that can be left for someone who could use them, drop them by the box.

We hope this isnít the last of its kind in Linton and Greene County.

There are so many great people and projects happening in Greene County, and these are just a few of the most recent. It takes a little initiative to make it happen, but helping our neighbors even the tiniest bit can go a long way.