TOP STORIES OF 2017: No. 2 -- Minor injuries sustained during Linton fireworks display

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Fourth of July fireworks display which resulted in minor injuries was voted the number 2 story of 2017.

The annual Fourth of Linton Freedom Festival fireworks display, set off in the field behind the Park Inn near Humphreys Park, was interrupted when a firework was shot into the air--but did not go off until it landed on the ground and triggered.

The resulting explosion damaged vehicles, busted windshields and caused minor burns in eight to 10 individuals who were viewing the fireworks from inside the park. The worst of the injuries was caused by shrapnel.

Linton Fire Chief Brad Sparks said that if the firework hadnít landed beneath a vehicle before exploding, more injuries and damage could have occurred.

Bystanders expressed concern about the location of the fireworks, but Sparks stressed that in order to receive the permit for the event, paperwork that includes measurements to ensure a safe distance must be approved by the state.

Linton Police Department, Linton Fire Department and Greene County Ambulance Service responded.

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