MOTORISTS BEWARE: Busted water main in Linton

Friday, January 12, 2018
Utility workers are trying to clear the area of water in order to assess the damage caused by a water main break.
By Sabrina Stockrahm

City of Linton Utilities workers are working to fix a busted water main.

A 6-inch water main has busted from what appears to be the cold temperatures Friday morning at the intersection of C and 9th Streets NE.

Utility workers are currently pumping out the water to get to the busted line underground.

Equipment is being used to move water in order to access the 6-inch pipe.
By Sabrina Stockrahm

Motorists should be aware of a potential hazard on State Road 54 near Sunoco as the water being flushed is flowing down the side of the highway and temperatures are currently at 21 degrees.

Water is flowing down State Road 54 in Linton due to the water main break at the intersection of C and 9th Streets NE
By Sabrina Stockrahm
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