Indy man faces additional charges after discovery of fraudulent prescription labels

Friday, January 12, 2018
Ryan Q. Mahone
courtesy Indiana State Police

An Indianapolis man arrested Dec. 28 by Indiana State Patrol Trooper Richard Klun after a traffic stop on I-69 faces further charges after officers discovered fraudulent prescription drug labels in a locked safe in the suspect’s vehicle.

Ryan Q. Mahone, 24, of Indianapolis, was arrested on preliminary charges of Level 6 felony counterfeiting, Class A misdemeanor possession of a fraudulent sales document, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior conviction, Class A misdemeanor possession of marijuana and Class B possession of marijuana.

In a probable cause filed in Greene Superior Court, Trooper Klun stated he was patrolling with K9 officer Loki on northbound I-69 near the 97 mile marker Dec. 28 when he observed a white Chevrolet Impala traveling southbound at what appeared to be a high rate of speed. Trooper Klun activated his front radar and verified the speed of the vehicle at 86mph in a posted 70mph zone.

Trooper Klun activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

When asked for his driver’s license and registration, Mahone informed Trooper Klun his license was suspended.

While speaking with Mahone, Trooper Klun detected the odor of marijuana in the vehicle, and asked Mahone if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, to which Mahone allegedly responded he had been smoking marijuana prior to driving, but there was no marijuana present in the vehicle.

Trooper Klun placed Mahone in the back seat of his patrol car and conducted a vehicle search. During the search, a small black plastic bag reportedly containing marijuana was located by Trooper Klun inside a backpack located on the passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

Upon searching the trunk of the vehicle, Trooper Klun discovered a locked digital Sentry safe. Trooper Klun verbally requested consent to search the safe from Mahone, who reportedly gave consent as well as a code to open the safe.

Mahone was transported to the Greene County Jail and his vehicle taken to Bill’s Auto in Bloomfield.

Trooper Klun traveled to Bill’s Auto, where he retrieved the Sentry safe from the trunk of the suspect’s vehicle and attempted to open it using the code provided by Mahone. Trooper Klun observed a keyhole on the safe marked with the number 004, and checked the key ring obtained from Mahone at the time of his booking and found a key on the ring labeled with the number 004.

Trooper Klun traveled back to the jail and was allegedly advised by Mahone that after speaking with a relative, he would no longer cooperate with law enforcement.

A search warrant was issued for the safe, and Trooper Klun opened it with the key from Mahone’s key ring.

Inside, Trooper Klun allegedly located several Avery label sheets that had prescription medications printed on them as well as fraudulent CVS prescription labels on other sheets. The medication listed on the labels was “Promethazine with Codeine,” a controlled substance.

After conducting a prescriptions check for Mahone, Trooper Klun learned Mahone had zero prescription listed for the last three years and verified with a pharmacist at CVS in Bloomfield that the labels were fraudulent.

While conducting a criminal history check on Mahone, Trooper Klun learned Mahone had previously been convicted of possession of marijuana.

Ryan Q. Mahone remains incarcerated in the Greene County Jail.

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