No one is immune to repercussions

Friday, January 26, 2018

Despite what some people think, even the best of athletes are not immune to repercussions. A local school made sure students were aware of this.

A group of local athletes has been temporarily suspended for actions the school could not confirm due to privacy concerns.

Kids do things they shouldn’t. Some teenagers are going to get themselves in trouble, but we think this is a good reminder that our local schools should always take action when those poor decisions are made -- even if it means losing the game.

Greene County rallies around its athletes. Our communities thrive with the help of our sports teams drawing people in from all over the state. It’s no secret that sometimes athletes receive a little more leeway when it comes to their actions. So, why is it important to “bring down the hammer,” so to speak, on the students who are taking lead on the fields and court?

It’s important our local athletes remember our younger kids look up to them. Elementary and middle school students sit on the sidelines and aspire to be that point guard, quarterback or setter.

Athletes hold an unofficial crown as they walk through the hallways, helping to bring eyes to the little cities and towns they represent. The teams are the center of school and community spirit.

But, like Uncle Ben said in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”