Court News

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Kage Ryan Grove Fougerousse, 22, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement

Robert B. Roper, 53, Bloomfield, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Gary D. Reed, 29, Solsberry, Level 6 felony possession of a narcotic drug


Trentin Dale Higar, Sandborn and Merry Noel Higar, Jasonville

Chelsea Carmichael, Bloomfield and Jacob Kingsley Carmichael, Bloomfield


Greene County Clinic vs Julie Snider

Greene County Clinic vs Amie Barnes

Cheri R. McDonald vs Mark E. Wease


Capital One Bank vs Leann Shelton


Anne Meredith Kosakowski, 23, Bloomington, speeding

Grant Alexander Davis, 21, Washington, speeding

Joshua Seth Miller, 28, Bloomington, speeding

Jonathan Peralta, 37, Indianapolis, speeding

Conner Douglas Weir, 22, Bloomington, speeding

Rosalee Irma Alvarez, 31, Crawfordsville, speeding

Alexandra Nicole Flora, 22, Newburgh, speeding

Peggy Sue Poe, 47, Switz City, speeding

Jerry R. Rexing, 44, Eveansville, speeding

Philip A. Parish, 46, Marion KY, speeding

Daniel Wayne Perry II, 25, Lyons, speeding

Tiffany Jean Marie Moore, 33, Indianapolis, speeding

Trevor Lee Littlejohn, 22, Bloomfield, speeding

Belinda Jean Waggoner, 48, Spencer, speeding

Jessica Leigh Reece Cervantes, 31, Evansville, speeding

Enjoli Mont Johnson, 35, Evansville, speeding

Scott Allen Gilreath, 60, Evansville, speeding

Nicholas R. Lannert, 41, Evansville, speeding

Madison Victoria Rose Mosley, 18, Spencer, speeding

Gary D. Vandeventer, 43, Worthington, speeding

Kylee M. King, 22, Worthington, speeding

Nathan Abrams Jr., 33, Worthington, speeding

Andrew Leon Helton, 16, Bloomfield, unlawful possession of tobacco or electronic cigarette by a minor

Jodie Sue Brooking, 50, Worthington, failure to signal for turn or lane change

Domenick F. Dubois, 50, Bloomfield, speeding

Nicole Eloise Lingle, 22, Bloomfield, speeding

Justin D. Rice, 35, Bloomington, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility

Alan K. Plummer, 62, Odon, Level 6 felony OVI with prior conviction, Level 6 felony OVI with an ACE of .15 or more with prior conviction, Level 6 felony operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic offender, Class C misdemeanor OVI, Class A misdemeanor OVI with ACE of .15 or more