LFD to offer free smoke detectors

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Linton Fire Department has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide free smoke detectors to residents within Stockton Township.

Fire Chief Brad Sparks went before the Linton City Council Monday night to detail the new program and how it works.

Sparks said the fire department has been busy the last few weeks and with each visit, he said they have noticed a lack of smoke detectors in homes. He said smoke detectors can save lives, so this program through the Red Cross made perfect sense.

“The fire department can go out to any house or apartment in Stockton Township and install smoke detectors,” Sparks said, noting the program also includes the ladders and drills to install the equipment.

Sparks said another more important aspect is it allows face-to-face interaction with residents as they install the equipment.

“This gets us out and lets us talk to people. It gives us an opportunity to talk to families about fire safety,” Sparks stressed.

Residents interested can call the Linton Fire Department 812-847-4413 and the department will get to those interested as they are able. Sparks said they hope to get to a couple of homes a day once the program gets rolling.

Sparks noted it must be the resident of a home who contacts the department to set up the installation.

The goal is to have a "canvas event" this summer, Sparks said, to put out a couple hundred smoke detectors in a short timeframe with the help of local volunteers.

"The Red Cross is going to show up and they said if we need 500 smoke detectors, they'll make it happen," Sparks said. "Hopefully we can get some smoke detectors out there and save some lives."

Police Chief Troy Jerrell credited several of his officers for going above their call of duty and helping residents in need.

Jerrell said he received a letter from motorists who were stranded on the side of the road and after five hours were assisted by an Indiana State Police Trooper and Linton Police Department Reserve Officer.

LPD Reserve Officer Indiana Miller and ISP Trooper Richard Klun were recently patrolling in the area when they came upon an elderly couple with a flat tire. After several hours of being stranded, the two officers stopped and changed the couple's tire so they could be on their way.

Jerrell also credited Det. Paul Clark, Assistant Chief Duane Collenbaugh and Code Enforcer Chuck Botsford helped the Linton Fire Department evacuate residents from a local apartment complex as they feared the heavy smoke would lead to a dangerous situation.

"We hear all this negative stuff in the news ... If you're told enough negative stuff about an organization enough times, you start to believe it, but this is the actual stuff that is going on every day that nobody hears about or sees," Jerrell explained.

Mayor John Wilkes credited the police, fire and local veterans for everything they do to keep our communities and country safe.

"If we didn't have what you guys are doing, this country would be in utter chaos," Wilkes said.

Mayor Wilkes gave an update on the Greene County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District. He said it cost about $900 to run the facilities with costs offset with materials brought in.

Clerk-treasurer Jathan Wright noted the money collected is from people bringing in trash, construction materials and metal items.

Wilkes said the employees who work at the Linton facility and the Switz City facility do an excellent job to keep them running smoothly.

In other business, the council:

* Approved the vacation of a public roadway near Glenburn in order to prepare for an expansion of the facility.

* Approved a reimbursement agreement for the city to move the gas line on the Glenburn property.

* Approved a one-year lease for Miner Mini Golf in Humphreys Park.

* Approved a five-year lease with the Linton Civitan Club to use the old Conservation Club for $1.

Mayor Wilkes noted the club has worked hard to fix up the Conservation Club and also does great things within the community, so the lease is beneficial to all.

*Approved a one-year lease for the Greene County Soccer Association at a rate of $1.

City Councilman Jerry Ellett noted appreciation for the group taking excellent care of the property and said the new building in the works on the property looks great.

* Approved the re-appointment of Gayle Margraf to the Linton Public Library Board.

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