Court News

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Shannon E. Forker, 30, Jasonville, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine

Jack F. Sumner, 51, Linton, Level 6 felony operating vehicle after being an habitual traffic offender

Willard R. Sherman, 47, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery

Craig Daniel Blake, 51, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement using a vehicle; Level 6 felony criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon; Class C misdemeanor reckless driving; Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior violation; Class C misdemeanor refusal to identify self; Class A misdemeanor cruelty to animals

Jordan Lee Burdette, 24, Jasonville, Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class C misdemeanor OVI with alcohol concentration between .08 and .15

Tabitha Branam, 29, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury; Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Brandy J. Pelfree, 30, Springville, Class A misdemeanor theft

Antonio D. Maxey, 27, Indianapolis, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with prior violation; Class C misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle without ever having received a license

Donitta K. Cody, 56, Linton, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended

Jeremy C. Hall, 34, Springville, Class A misdemeanor theft; Level 6 felony theft when defendant has prior conviction for either theft or diversion


Renewing Management Inc vs Larry Hensley and Sara Hensley

Dan Leigh vs Jeff L. Stockert and Judy Stockert

Village Apartments of Bloomfield vs Amber N. Bloodgood


Credit Acceptance Corp. vs Matt Thomasson

Capital One Bank vs Stephen Fagg

Capital One Bank vs Robert Atkins

Personal Finance Company vs Brandt Hudson

First National Bank of Omaha vs Robert Linneweber

Personal Finance Company vs Tamara J. Hollers

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs Gene L. Bush


Timothy Neal Drew, Bloomfield and Kelsy Jo Foglesong, Bloomfield

Hannah N Duncan, Newberry and Dustin J. Yenne, Newberry

Edward Lammert, Bloomfield and Brandy Rawlins, Bloomfield

Cody R. McCoy, Vincennes and Lynda E. Hopkins, Bloomfield


Christopher J. Fox, Linton and Alma Leeann Fox, Linton

Michael J. Evans, Worthington and Lisa L. Evans, Linton

Samantha D Farnsworth, Jasonville and John M. Farnsworth, Jasonville


Angela D. Deckard, 36, Bloomington, no valid driverís license

Kathleen M. Payton, 48, Mitchell, speeding

Troy L. Schroyer, 44, Springville, speeding

Elizabeth A. Riggins, 34, Linton, expired plates

Robert A. Leone, 32, Bloomfield, speeding

Teresa S. Robinson, 56, Brownsburg, speeding

Ryan T. Doehring, 18, Newburgh, speeding

Melisa S. Bruemmer, 37, Indianapolis, no u-turns on freeway

John C. Fidler Jr, 52, Linton, improper passing

John P. Coleman, 53, Lyons, speeding

Rayna R. Bushrod, 32, Indianapolis, speeding

Gordon O. Wright, 67, Linton, speeding

Levi E. Shields, 40, Bloomfield, speeding

Matthew R. Walls, 43, Greenwood, speeding

Jeffrey A Smith Jr., 34, Linton, driving left of center with obstructed view, two counts; disregarding an official traffic device

Sarah E. Parker, 40, Elgin SC, speeding

Steve A. Yoder, 58, Worthington, speeding

Tony D. Alsman, 57, Dugger, expired plates

Mahmoud Hassan, 37, Bloomington, speeding

Joseph M. Oneal, 22, Spencer, expired plates

Ashley B Gugin, 25, Clarksville Tenn, speeding

John F. Carpenter, 55, Indianapolis, speeding

Edwin G Marrero Gelpi, 25, Washington, speeding

Haley N. Mattingly, 28, Evansville, speeding

Cody R. Byers, 19, Bloomfield, driving while suspended

Sarah E. Bird, 36, Bloomington, speeding

Julie C. Whitledge, 35, Evansville, driving while suspended; child restraint system violation

Jason P Fisher, 39, Bloomington, speeding

Terrance Cin-Loy, 26, Coral Springs Fla, speeding

Zachary D. Spence, 20, Newburgh, speeding

Sheena D. Jackson, 27, Wungo KY, speeding

Kamonte O. Dixon Jr, 27, Bloomington, speeding

Darwayne E. Nelson, 71, Greencastle, speeding

Allisan D. Jayne, 22, Scotland, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility

Michael E. Dix, 39, Bloomington, speeding

Kristin J. Doyle, 47, Vincennes, speeding