Eastern Greene Middle School plants ‘pinwheel garden’

Friday, April 13, 2018
The pinwheel garden at EGMS
By Patti Danner

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Eastern Greene Middle School (EGMS) Principal Patrick Ault, along with several Eastern Greene students, marked the occasion by turning a courtyard at EGMS into a festive pinwheel garden.

“Child abuse, no matter what form, is never okay,” Ault told the assembled students. “And it’s important to us that all of you know that. It’s important that you know that if you or someone you know is being abused, we are here for you. Come and talk to any adult at the school anytime.”

Ault provided 120 shiny blue pinwheels for the planting and the color is symbolic.

“Blue is the color of hope,” he said. “These pinwheels are going to stay out here for a couple of weeks. If I see any of them fall over I’ll come right out and fix them. When you guys walk past here every day and see these, I want you to remember there’s hope. I want you to remember we care.”

Ault said the students were encouraged to plant their pinwheels wherever they decided they should go, giving the kids the power to create the symbolic garden as they choose.

“The garden is a nice way to break the ice on the subject of child abuse,” Ault said. “We start the conversation this way, and increase awareness every time they walk by it.”

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