LFD going door-to-door with smoke detectors

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Volunteers needed to help with canvas

Members of the Linton Fire Department and volunteers will be canvassing the streets of Linton soon to install free smoke detectors.

Fire Chief Brad Sparks told the Linton City Council Monday night that he is seeking volunteers to help the department with the canvasing evening from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, June 23.

The event is part of a partnership between the Linton Fire Department and American Red Cross to install smoke detectors in any home in the city and Stockton Township free of charge to the residents.

Sparks said he is hoping for several volunteers to get to as many residences as possible. In February when he introduced the program to the Linton City Council, Sparks said the smoke detector is completely free to the city, noting the organization even provide the tools.

“The Red Cross is going to show up and they said if we need 500 smoke detectors, they’ll make it happen,” Sparks said previously. “Hopefully we can get some smoke detectors out there and save some lives.”

Any resident within the city or Stockton Township is eligible, though he noted the current resident of the home has to consent.

“If someone has a bunch of apartments, they can’t have us go in and install them, but all of the occupants can request them,” Sparks explained.

Sparks said volunteers can show up the day of the event to help with the canvas or they can call him ahead of time at 812-847-4413 to learn more.

While on the topic of fires, Sparks mentioned the fire department’s summer push on blighted properties and high grass.

“With these burnt-out houses, we will give them 90 days to get it cleaned up and do their best, but then we will treat it as a blighted property,” Sparks explained.

Sparks said the department has also started receiving complaints about tall grass, so the department has started issuing 10-day notices to clean up properties.

“With a lot of these after we receive the complaint, the person has already taken care of the problem before they get the notice in their mailbox,” Sparks said, adding if that’s the case, the notice no longer applies. “We are not picking on them.”

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