Memorial Day should be day of showing appreciation

Friday, May 25, 2018

As we sit and think about coverage for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, our ability to freely travel from location to location and return to our desks to present that coverage to our readers really boils down to the point of the day. Without the sacrifices made by men and women who literally put their lives on the line, we wouldn’t have these freedoms.

Each year, local individuals take the time to honor and show respect for those who lost their lives fighting for our everyday freedoms. The sacrifice is unimaginable for many of us, whether they died while serving our country or returned home where they continued to try to live life as they had before.

Greene County showcases the importance of honoring our veterans through visits to 18 local cemeteries over the span of two days and an event on Memorial Day which lists the name of almost every local veteran who has died in the last year.

Greene County Veterans Services Officer Norm Sullivan weighed in on the importance of taking a few moments this Memorial Day to remember our veterans.

“It’s important to honor all veterans that have put on the uniform, those still wearing the uniform and those who gave their life for our freedom. To ignore the significance of that is a sad thing,” Sullivan stressed.

Each year, Greene County is losing veterans at an alarming rate, as many are aging and passing away. The annual Memorial Day Service on the Greene County Courthouse lawn will include the reading of 120 names of veterans from the area who have passed away since last Memorial Day.

“Of those, about 10 or 11 were World War II veterans. Most of them are in their 90s now,” Sullivan stated.

Sullivan said in recent years, he has noticed not as many family members are attending Memorial Day services to honor their loved ones.

This year, we would like to challenge you to check out the schedule for Memorial Day services and stand alongside the representatives of the Legions who are honoring our veterans, whether you have family in the cemetery or not. Let us remind our veterans we appreciate their work and their sacrifice.

Let’s work together to show appreciation to our veterans -- both living and who have died -- so their sacrifices weren’t in vain.