Miner Athletics: Building for the future

Friday, June 8, 2018
Construction is underway on a new addition to the Linton-Stockton outdoor athletic complex. The building will include new locker rooms, concessions, restrooms and a training room. The structure is being built on the former site of the Little League baseball field, strategically located between the football, baseball and softball fields and the tennis courts. November is the estimated completion date for the construction project.
By Terry Schwinghammer

A major facilities upgrade is taking shape at the Linton-Stockton High School athletic complex. And since the end of the school year construction has been progressing rapidly.

As recently as the girls softball regional less than two weeks ago the site was a barren landscape. Now a concrete foundation has been laid and cinder block walls are going up.

On the former site of the since-abandoned Little League baseball field a new facility loaded with amenities is being erected.

“It’s major,” Linton-Stockton Athletic Director Charlie Karazsia said. “It’s over a $2 million dollar project. It’s going to be nice.”

The structure will house new football locker rooms – for both home and away teams – a concession stand, restrooms, an officials’ dressing room, a storage area, and an athletic training room.

Dressing rooms will also be used for tennis, track and cross country, baseball and softball.

Graves Construction, Graves Plumbing and Heating and Wolfe Construction Co. of Vincennes – General Contractors and Custom Builders – are the principals involved in the project.

The project isn’t scheduled for completion until November. So this year the Miner football team will continue to use the existing locker room at Roy Williams Field. After the conclusion of football season the space will then be used for additional storage.

Also after this season the ticket entrance at the south end of Roy Williams Field will close.

“I don’t like people standing in the road with cars driving back and forth,” Karazsia said. “It’s pretty dangerous.”

There will be two ticket gates on the east side of Roy Williams Field – one at the current location and one farther down, nearer the new facility.

Also the weight room adjacent to the gym is being expanded. A non-weight-bearing wall between the basketball coaches’ office and the weight room has been knocked down creating more space.

Karazsia said since it wasn’t a load-bearing wall it took less than a day to take it down.

The weight room is being expanded to include the area where the basketball equipment shown is currently stored. A wall between the two rooms was recently taken down freeing up additional space.
By Terry Schwinghammer

Linton-Stockton football coach Brian Oliver is understandably excited about the coming upgrades – for several reasons.

The new and improved facilities should enhance the already-existing enthusiasm for the Miner football program.

“Anytime you are getting something new it’s always exciting,” the coach said.

And the addition of an athletic training facility will be a huge bonus.

“Having a training room will be vital in getting athletes back on the field faster,” Oliver pointed out.

The football coach also mentioned the positive impact the upgrades will have for all of Linton’s athletes, especially those involved in spring sports.

One spring sport in particular stands to benefit. Linton will be hosting the girls softball sectional next May.

“One of the reasons why we didn’t host it this year was because I didn’t want portable toilets as our bathrooms,” Karazsia explained. “That’s why I was a little embarrassed when we had the regional hosted here.”

The new building will be centrally located beyond the north end of Roy Williams Field, in between the baseball venue Roy Herndon Field, the new tennis courts and the new softball field. The upgraded amenities will add to the convenience and enhance the fan experience for spectators at all outdoor sporting events.

An expanded view of the new facility under construction at the Linton-Stockton High School outdoor athletic complex.
By Terry Schwinghammer
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