Our Opinion: ‘The world needs more kids like Andrew’

Monday, July 30, 2018

When was the last time you thought about your neighbor?

We live in a non-stop world where most people don’t even stop to wave at their neighbor, but one local boy’s fondness for his neighbor resulted in saving her life.

Bloomfield’s Wanda Warnick had taken a tumble recently and what could have been a tragic story took an incredible turn when 11-year-old Andrew Smith was passing by her house. Andrew’s dad, Allen, said the boy had kept a watchful eye on “Miss Wanda” and her late husband, Bob, since he was little.

He would stop to talk to the Warnicks as he used their yard as a shortcut to the road to a friend’s house. In the years since “old man Bob” passed away, Andrew has continued his watchful eye on Miss Wanda and took notice when he realized something was out of the ordinary.

Because Andrew was so perceptive, he saw Miss Wanda on the ground, where she had been for upwards of five hours. After walking to the backyard of the home, it can give one chills to realize Wanda was laying in a place where it would be impossible for a passerby, or even her close-by neighbors, to see where she had fallen.

Andrew is the perfect example of what a young man should be: watchful, perceptive and caring.

All too often we hear about our youth being addicted to devices and their online lives, but Andrew’s love of being outside whenever possible showcases one of the many benefits in addition to health.

When we spoke with Wanda’s daughter-in-law, Michelle, she said, “The world needs more kids like Andrew.” And we agree.

Living a 24/7 life with a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips can only take us so far. Having the people skills to go along with the knowledge is imperative. What better way to start communicating than with the individuals who live just feet away (or farther in some parts of the county)?