Court News

Monday, August 27, 2018


Roy D. Dicus, 57, Worthington, Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance

Steven D. Goodman, 33, Linton, Level 5 felony failure to register as a sex or violent offender with prior conviction


Paul R. Hepner, Westville and Abbigail R. Hepner, Springville

Bria Stewart, Linton and Sean Stewart, Linton

Daisy Lu Clark, Bloomfield and Leon D. Clark, Switz City


Hunter L. Feltner, 18, Bloomfield, speeding

Ronald L. Donaldson, 38, Indianapolis, speeding

Stephen M. Davis, 29, Indianapolis, failure to obey sign or traffic control device

Eric Ta W. Scott, 37, Bloomington, speeding

Sidnie N. Finch, 19, Bloomfield, speeding

Joseph C. Holmes, 65, Bloomfield, following too closely

Raymond C. Murdick, 35, Sandborn, speeding

Clayton T. Kendall, 30, Linton, speeding

Brandon J. Roudebush, 23, Bloomfield, driving while suspended

Sarah M. Loos, 31, Bloomington, disregarding stop sign

Jeffrey S. Burch, 32, Painesville, speeding

Keith L. Harney, 63, Benton KY, failure to register

Kimberly Tlaxca-Tecua, 19, Indianapolis, learnerís permit violation

Brenda K. Skipper, 62, Bicknell, speeding

Troy Schott, 45, Madisonville KY, operating with expired plates

Donna C. Frederick, 71, Linton, speeding

Quenesha A. Campbell, 27, Newburgh, speeding

Donald W. Marcum, 67, Dayton OH, federal motor carrier safety regulation violation, two counts

Roy L. Ward, 33, Kennett MO, no valid driverís license

Greg H. Thomas, 58, Bloomfield, speeding

Braydon L. Scank, 18, Jasonville, speeding

Moheb A. Abdelmisseh, 63, Bloomington, speeding

Jacob W. Keith, 25, Terre Haute, speeding

Hannah M. Bixler, 19, Coldwater MS, speeding

Avery B. Frederick, 24, Bloomfield, speeding