Court News

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Court News


Don A. Krusenklaus, 52, Newberry, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery

Sherelle P. Lawson, 27, Bloomington, Class A misdemeanor conversion

Tawnna-Raye A. Capehart, 27, Bloomfield, Class A misdemeanor OVI endangering a person; Class C misdemeanor OVI; Class C misdemeanor OVI with alcohol concentration between .08 and .15; Class B misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident

Kage R. G. Fougerousse, 23, Jasonville, Class A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement

Michael L. Boyd, 33, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine; Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

James A. Picou, 43, Bloomfield, Level 6 felony theft where value of property is between $750 and $50,000

Maranda J. Peyton, 30, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine; Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Brian S. Kendall, 42, Lyons, Level 4 felony burglary of a dwelling, two counts; Level 6 felony theft of a firearm, two counts


Capital One Bank vs Austin Stroud


Hunter Ryan Cullison, Spencer and Corey May Brock, Spencer

Ryan Scott Pfieffer, Springville and Marissa Ly’nel Thompson, Springville

Richard Eric Gorby, Jasonville and Holly Ann Hiatt, Jasonville

Wayne L. Scott, Linton and Susan J. Strahle, Linton

Jude Stephen Geatches, Jasonville and Alison Denise Miley, Jasonville

Miles A. Thompson II, Linton and Brandi Jo Thompson, Linton

Tommie Dudley, Lyons and Aimee North, Lyons

John Patrick Sparks, Solsberry and Laurine Ann Hendricks, Solsberry

Mark Lynn Johnson, Bloomfield and Daysha A. Laramore, Odon

Luke Andrew Miller, Jasonville and Taylor Amanda Woods, Jasonville

Christopher L. Snow, Linton and Jessica N. McCombs, Sandborn

Mary B. Nibert, Bloomfield and Robert Joseph Hoover, Bloomfield

John David Kerns, Bloomfield and Amber Marie Simmers, Bloomfield

Codey Lewis Wells, Jasonville and Kelsy Marie Galenski, Jasonville

Justin Drew Jackson, Linton and Dawn M. Sharkus, Linton


Stephen B. Stockrahm, 48, Linton, speeding

Jennifer D. Simpson, 40, Sullivan, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Christopher C. Book, 39, Huntingburg, speeding

Timothy W. Hughey, 58, Indianapolis, speeding

James w. Howard, 18, Springville, failure to signal for turn or lane change

Christian L. Henning, 21, Evansville, speeding

Shainia M. Helms, 22, Linton, speeding

James W. Howard, 18, Springville, speeding

Jillian E. Dani, 20, Bremen, speeding

Wyatt C. Hansen, 21, Clarksville TN, failure of occupant to use safety belt; speeding

Douglas H. Hansford, 66, Jasonville, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Christy A. Crites, 34, Worthington, failure to obey sign/traffic control device

Oscar S. McGee, 67, Evansville, failure of occupant to use safety belt

Taylor N. Jenkins, 18, Jasonville, speeding

Edward Hensley, 59, Flowery Br GA, speeding

Tiffany S. Sullivan, 22, Columbus MS, speeding

Ernest R. Cloeman, 43, Jasonville, speeding

Jacob E. Racey, 18, Sullivan, speeding

Christian L. Sergent, 18, Linton, speeding